Tata Avinya Concept Unveiled | Gen-3 Architecture | Tata Electric |

Tata Avinya Concept Unveiled | Gen-3 Architecture | Tata Electric |

We talk about the recently unveiled Electric Concept by Tata, the Tata Avinya. The Avinya Concept is a mixology of the best of the segments, as it combines the essence of a premium hatch with the luxuries and versatility of an SUV and the roominess and functionality of an MPV.

The front and rear of the Avinya display the new identity of Tata’s electric mobility division, neatly designed along with the DRLs. The side profile of the Avinya houses the butterfly doors, which offer loads of welcoming space for its users. The doors greet the user towards the class-leading interior space. 

Tata Motors states, that the Avinya focuses on human-centric design elements like the skydome that lets in natural light and provides a natural sense of space. The voice-activated systems hint toward the infinite possibilities the Gen 3 electrification will offer. The interior space of the Avinya has been designed without any screen, to avoid distractions inside the car and create a stress-free environment for its users.

The Avinya Concept is based on Tata’s Pure EV Gen 3 Architecture, which offers high structural safety and improved levels of waterproofing and dust protection making it capable of tackling all kinds of harsh terrains. This platform uses better quality materials, efficient electronic components, and energy management algorithms for efficiency management. 

With the use of next-gen lightweight materials the structure of the Concept is lighter, stiffer, and stronger for better weight management. 

Tata states that the battery to be used in the Avinya will support ultra-fast charging capability, which will provide a minimum range of 500 km under 30 minutes of charge. 

Tata states that the production-ready model based on Avinya Concept can be expected to launch around 2025. 


  • Range of 500 km with 30 minutes of charge
  • Production-model to launch in 2025

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