Bentley Flying Spur: Review


  • Name: Bentley Flying Spur
  • Type: Sedan
  • Top Speed: 312km/hr
  • Fuel Consumption: 5.3 kms per liter (city); 8.6 kms per liter (highway)
  • Price: Rs 1,74,00,000 (approx.)

The Bentley Flying Spur is a premium four-door luxury Sedan from Bentley. It has been designed in such a way that it blends exquisite craftsmanship and luxury, effortless driving, flawless designs and futuristic technology. The Flying Spur has been developed in an athletic design, and it has accomplished the task of combining traditional Bentley panache with a sporty stance, and state-of-the-art details. This sedan delivers on performance, without compromising on luxury. It has on offer for its buyers a large variety of customized solutions so that the comfort level and quality of the ride can be highly enhanced.

Bentley Flying Spur


The Bentley Flying Spur’s exteriors have an unrivalled blend of Bentley’s characteristic curves and its novel crisp, clean edges, thus making for an outstandingly sleek silhouette. It has an overall length of 5307 mm, an overall width of 1916 mm, and an overall height of 1479 mm.

The car has a low roof, and it has a side feature line running parallel along the roof, starting from the rear wheel. The twin-Xenon headlights with daylight LED’s give a powerful and aggressive visage when seen head on. These are adjustable headlights. Although the car lacks in front and rear fog lights, it makes up for its other incredible features which include the exterior power-adjustable rearview mirror, the folding electric rearview mirror, rain sensing wipers and rear window defoggers.

The Flying Spur has larger air intake structures, and an upfront rear grille. A sleek rear bumper gives the Sedan a smooth finish. Rounding up the understated elegant look is the Flying Spur’s powerful chrome-alloy sports wheels.

The Sedan is available in an assortment of colors, some of the popular ones including Moonbeam, Silver Lake, Glacier White, Diamond Black and St. James Red.

New Bentley Flying Spur


The veneers that have been used for the dashboard and waistrails have been hand-fitted carefully. Also fitted by hand are the glass console case and the tables behind the front passenger seats. All these have been lacquered to enhance their appearance. The ultimate result is a complete set of mirror-matching surfaces which seem to merge effortlessly with the tactile, soft leather.

What further highlights the elegance of the Flying Spur’s ambience is its range of futuristic technological additions. These include a four-zone climate control system, sophisticated keyless entry, front and rear seats that are electronically adjustable, a cigarette lighter, flip-down wooden tables behind the front passenger seats, a heated leather steering wheel and satellite navigation system. The front and rear seat head and center arm rests ate adjustable, providing maximum comfort for the passengers. The front and rear seats have dedicated cup holders as well.

The Sedan has an electronic multi-trip meter, a digital odometer and a spacious glove compartment to ensure that you have adequate space to keep all your personal belongings. The car boasts of a highly developed entertainment system which is guaranteed to ensure that for every expedition you take, the excitement does not cease. There is a Bluetooth operated telephone system, which allows users to seamlessly connect their cell phones to the on-board telephone system via various sources, such as SIM reader, hands-free and compatible phones.

Bentley Flying Spur Interior

Provisions for Wi-Fi have also been made, though they are optional. If enabled, the Wi-Fi hub provides access to the Internet for laptops, phones and tablets. It has a 64GB internal hard drive, allowing superior storage and sharing of files between devices. The rear seats of the Flying Spur have DVD players, LCD screens and wireless headphones with ports which allow users to connect them to phones, cameras, tablets, music players and even consoles. The Bentley Premium Audio system delivers impeccable sound, regardless of which corner of the car anyone is in.

Though the Flying Spur packs in so many advanced technological features for maximum passenger comfort and entertainment, it does not fail to ensure the very basic – that every passenger has generous legroom. The Touch Screen Infotainment System is the icing on the cake, as the Flying Spur’s interiors deliver on the Sedan’s promise of being a luxury car.


The Bentley Flying Spur comes equipped with a 6-litre twin-turbo W12 engine which has a capacity of generating 552 bhp, at 6100 rpm and with 479 pound-feet of torque. The engine-management system keeps the boost pressure regulated so that the peak torque does not change – even at 5100 rpm. It has a six-speed ZF transmission.

The potent W12 engine is organized making full utilization of the compact space, with the fuel tank beneath the floor of the car.  The short engine configuration provides exceptional lavishness of space for superior comfort of the passengers. The power of this W12 engine is routed through an effective six-speed automatic ZF transmission, which has manual gearshift controls as well as the all-wheel drive system. The engine is supplemented by an adaptive air-suspension system which is totally computer-controlled and which adjusts damping. There is an automatic ride height control system, which can be accessed and changed manually.

Bentley flying spur engine

The Flying Spur also has an ‘Intelligent Engine Management System’ to boast about. This system controls the performance and working of engine throttles, fuel injection structure, ignition system and dual turbo-chargers. With the constant monitoring of these components, a promise of a finely-tuned driving experience on each and every journey is delivered.

Handling and Safety

The Flying Spur is equipped with a wide range of advanced safety features. Its total of six front and rear side airbags ensures maximum safety. It has a brake assist system to fall back on if ever the braking system fails. A feature that sets the Bentley apart from other luxury sedans is its ‘Door Ajar Warning’ feature, which gives out an alert whenever the door is not locked. The Vehicle Control Stability system, supported by the Anti-Lock Braking system is the mainstay of the Flying Spur’s safety system.  Also included are front-passenger seat occupant detection system, traction control and auto-adjusting air springs.


Boosted by the combined power of the engine and the transmission system, the car has the capability to go from 0 to 100 kmph in a matter of just 5.2 seconds. This impressive acceleration delivers a sensation of enormous power and an effortless, easy driving experience.

The Bentley Flying Spur provides uncompromising performance and the ultimate driving experience for the driver and the passenger alike.

Bentley Flying Spur Back View


The Bentley Flying Spur scores high on power and performance, and on the level of serene comfort it offers to its passengers. It is luxurious, and astonishingly powerful. This Sedan stops at nothing to provide the passengers a sensation of riding in a sophisticated techno marvel. The exteriors are equally eye catching, and the sporty look this Sedan offers only adds to its glamour quotient. The only slight blemish on this otherwise impressive car is its low fuel economy. And obviously, being a luxury car with a steep price, this is not for everyone. However, considering all the numerous features this Sedan provides, it can be safely said that the Bentley Flying Spur is worth buying. When it comes to luxury, there are very few cars that can do better than the Flying Spur.

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