BMW i3 Facelift Unveiled With A Top-Spec 184hp i3s

BMW i3 Facelift Unveiled With A Top-Spec 184hp i3s

As expected, BMW has unveiled the BMW i3 Facelift ahead of its world premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month. The propeller-badged electric vehicle receives a number of upgrades, visually and under the skin, as well as a new, oft-rumoured sporty variant called the i3s.

On the outside, changes on the standard model are minimal and include a mildly-revised front fascia with LED indicator strips. Full-LED headlights, previously optional, have also been included in the standard kit list, so all front exterior lighting now uses LEDs, as has been the case at the rear.

Chassis electronics have been upgraded with a faster-responding Dynamic Stability Control that uses a new form of wheel speed limiting, aiding directional stability – both under hard acceleration and when lifting off with strong regenerative braking.

Traction off the line in wet and snow conditions have also been improved, and the new Dynamic Traction Control boosts agility and even allows for mild drifts. Contrary to previous reports, the facelifted i3 retains the use of a 170hp electric motor and the larger 94 Ah lithium-ion battery introduced last year.

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