Car Wash Accessories | Car Cleaning Accessories | Amazon Accessories |

Car Wash Accessories | Car Cleaning Accessories | Amazon Accessories |

We have collected a few must-have car wash accessories for washing your car or bike. All the accessories that we are sharing with you are available on the Amazon store, so do check them out as we have mentioned the links in the description.

Car Wash Liquid

It is really important to choose the right washing liquid for your car. Car’s paint is really sensitive and with the use of hard chemicals, it is very easy to damage the clear coat of the paint over prolonged usage. This results in faded, dull paint with swirl marks. This is why we recommend the Waxpol car shampoo, this product is completely safe for your car’s paintwork. The product we are showing is the 5 Litre saver pack, but this product is also available in a pack of 1 & 1.2 L. 

This product is totally value for money at a price of Rs 639. 

Buy Car Wash Liquid

Microfiber Gloves

A lot of people do not know the importance of using a microfiber cloth to clean their cars, well the cloth is the only contact between your detergent and the car’s metal. If you use any cloth other than microfiber, there are high chances of you damaging the paint and ending up with swirl marks. The microfiber cloth is made of soft material and it also traps dirt and debris deep inside the fabric to avoid any scratches. This microfiber cloth glove is an amazing product to wash your vehicle. 

Buy Microfiber Gloves

Microfiber Cloth

Similarly to dry wipe your car, you should use microfiber cloth only, at Rs 269, this is a steal deal for a pack of 4. 

Buy Microfiber Cloth

Tyre & Alloy Brush

To get that eye-striking shine from your car tyres you should use a brush instead of a cloth. The cloth is only able to wash off the surface dirt and is not able to give you a deep cleaning of the rubber compound of your tyre. The hard brush bristles give you that deep clean and result in the shining black tyre. Do keep in mind that you should only use the hard brush for the tyre and not the alloy wheels or any other soft plastic material, as it may scratch the surface. For alloy wheels, this product also consists of a soft brush, which is perfect for alloy wheels.

Buy Tyre & Alloy Brush

Slime Gel

Lastly, to keep your interiors clean and fresh we recommend you use a microfiber cloth to wipe off the dust from the interior surface and for hard to reach places like air vents, cup holders you can use the surface cleaning slime gel. Using this is very simple, just place it over the surface and apply mild pressure, the gel will trap the dirt and clean the surface. Once the slime gel is too dirty to be used, you can just roll it to form a new outer shell of slime gel.

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