Tata Tiago iCNG 2022 Review | SWOT Analysis Review | Quick Review |

Tata Tiago iCNG 2022 Review | SWOT Analysis Review | Quick Review |

We bring you the SWOT Analysis for Tata Tiago iCNG 2022. Do read to find out the Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats this latest car from Tata Motors.


  • Most Powerful in Segment

The Tiago CNG is the most powerful hatchback in the segment, not just in the petrol-powered arena, but even with CNG fuel, it develops 74 HP & 95 Nm of torque, which is the highest figure in the segment. The Tiago wears the crown owing to its bigger displacement of the engine. The Tiago is powered by a 1.2 L three-cylinder BS-6 Revotron engine, while the competition uses smaller engines bearing volumes of 800 & 1000 cc.   


  • Biggest & Most Powerful Engine in Segment 
  • 1.2 L Three-Cylinder Engine
  • Power – Petrol (86 HP) CNG (74 HP)
  • Torque – Petrol (113 Nm) CNG (95 Nm)

Widest in the segment

Not only is Tiago the most powerful in the class, it even flaunts its dominance over the dimension figures. The Tiago is the widest in the segment, offering more cabin space than the other competitors. The extra width gives the passengers of the Tiago that extra notch of comfort. 


Length x Width x Height-  3765x1677x1535 mm 

Ignition with CNG fuel

The Tiago iCNG has the capability to ignite the engine with CNG fuel instead of Petrol, this is also a segment-first feature to be seen in the CNG segment. Tata also states that with advancement in the ECU & CNG engineering, the Tiago CNG would be able to fill up its CNG tanks faster than other CNG vehicles in the market. 


Segment First Feature of Ignition with CNG 


One of the strongest points of Tiago is the fact that the CNG model is being offered in four variants, which means unlike its competitors, you won’t have to go with the base CNG variant and miss out on the features of a higher variant, for that extra fuel efficiency. The Tiago CNG is available across its variant range, even the top-end variant, the XZ + Dual Tone. The Tiago is also the cheapest CNG hatchback in the segment, with a starting price of Rs 6.09 Lakhs (ex-showroom).


Tiago CNG Available Across variants.


Speaking of Tata cars and not addressing the safety aspect is an unatoned sin. The Tiago is undoubtedly the safest hatchback in the segment with a 4-star safety rating from the Global NCAP. It even gets a 3-star rating for child occupant safety. 


  • 4-Star Safety Rating- Global NCAP
  • Dual Airbags, ABS, EBD, Corner Stability Control


  • Shorter wheelbase

Although the Tiago is the widest in the class, it loses the game to the Maruti’s, the WagonR & the Celerio. Both the hatchbacks beat the Tiago by a margin of 35 mm. Tiago’s wheelbase stands at 2400 mm, whereas the latter measures 2435 mm. 


  • Tiago Wheelbase – 2400 mm
  • WagonR & Celerio Wheelbase – 2435 mm

Lesser mileage

The Tiago iCNG delivers a fuel efficiency of 26.49 Km/Kg and by no means is it a poor fuel efficiency, considering the size of the engine. For a 1200cc engine delivering 74 HP with CNG & 84 HP with petrol, the fuel efficiency figures are more than respectable,  but if you were to compare it with its rivals, in that case, fuel efficiency is not Tiago’s strongest suit. 


Tiago CNG FE- 26.49 Km/Kg
Celerio CNG FE – 35.6 Km/Kg
WagonR CNG FE- 32.52 Km/Kg
Hyundai Santro CNG FE- 29 Km/Kg


  • Improved Quality of Interiors

The cabin of the Tiago is well laid out and gets a respectable feature list, but certain areas can receive a soft touch of plastic material. It does get soft touches near the door panels, but it would certainly enhance the quality of interiors with premium materials.

  • Improved vibration levels

Although the new BS-6 Revotron engine is refined to drive and translates the power figure from paper to a driving delight on road, but it does have some vibrations during ignition and idle.


Vibrations From Engine During Ignition & Idle.


  • Maruti Suzuki Celerio CNG

The Celerio CNG is the latest CNG offering from Maruti Suzuki. They are really banking upon their campaign of being the most fuel-efficient CNG hatchback. The Celerio CNG gets a claimed fuel efficiency of 35.60 Km/Kg, and this figure might tempt you to sell off your 350 cc bike and buy this 800cc hatchback. 

Jokes apart, the Celerio is only offered in one variant and does miss out on the comprehensive feature list and build quality, yet there are a lot of loyal consumers who choose Maruti Suzuki for its low cost of ownership & reliability. 

  • Hyundai Santro CNG

The Santro is the only hatchback in the segment to come with a 4-cylinder engine, however, it still remains smaller than the Tiago at a volumetric capacity of 1000cc as compared to Tiago’s’ 1200cc engine. With similar pricing and better fuel efficiency, it does pose a threat to the Tiago. 

  • Maruti Suzuki WagonR CNG

The WagonR is the weakest yet the strongest player in the segment. It has the lowest power & torque figures, the smallest wheel size at 13”, without any major differences in the pricing when compared to the latter. But even after all the shortcomings, the WagonR has always been a performer in sales figures, mainly due to its low cost of ownership and reliability. The commercial fleet operators contribute significantly to the chunk in sales figures. Hence, it is one of the strongest in the segment while being the weakest on paper.

To conclude this Tata Tiago iCNG SWOT analysis review, we can confidently say that if you’re looking out for a CNG powered hatchback and would not want to compromise on the power, safety-build quality and exciting features, then without a doubt, the Tiago is a perfect choice for you.  Even the base variant of the Tiago is a good choice for buyers on a budget. But if you are really inclined towards the high fuel efficiency figures and the power figures and features are not your ideal expectations, then the other three hatchbacks in the segment are an equally good choice. 

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