Discover The New Honda Jazz In Detail: Preview

If Jazz was a car of your choice, but you missed out due to the lack of diesel engine. Here is a second chance for all buyers who loved the Jazz but couldn’t own a one due to the only petrol machine fitted in the bay during that time of rising petrol prices.

For a second inning, the new Jazz had not only coughed up the diesel motor but also sports new attire on outer and interior. The feature list is more equipped. Honda claimed the engineering perspective is completely refreshed for this new hatchback under the banner of Jazz. Summing every aspect of the new Jazz, we sovercratched our mind and sources to pen down what one can expect from this new Honda which is going to launch in the coming few weeks.

  • Outer crust

The design of new Honda Jazz improved by notches, H logoed family face isn’t going to turn an exception here carried  from new-gen City. Fresh set of tail and head lamps, air vents on the front, and surprisingly new lines resembling the City are mere hints that will make a one glow on seeing the car. There are speculations that India-spec Jazz will draw 15-inch wheels, whereas top-end buyers may get the alloy wheels against standard ones flanked with wheel-caps.

Discover The New Honda Jazz In Detail

  • On inside

Evident from the past, cabin of Honda cars are full of space, and only space; because Honda believes in the strategy of max-man min-machine. For this given reason designers work meticulously to save every inch of millimeter which can benefit the occupants in direct or indirect manner. A hint that will bring this clause on a more realistic note, the wheelbase grown longer than the previous car offers rear passenger to enjoy the benefits of additional 30mm.

Thus, engineers hadn’t ruled out new Jazz battling with the Swift on a very strict note, in addition to the Elite i20, Volkswagen Polo, Fiat Punto, Ford Figo and many others. Advancements in the list of features need to get the statement right from the first look. Touchscreen infotainments placed do the job finely, whereas the most expensive trim bound to hit the showrooms may pamper, or can say spoil, its owners with the touch-based climate control system.  This time, the maker has played a lot with the seats. Someone from the industry had touted them as Magic Seats. And it continued to say further, there are modes related to the folding of seats where one can bend and lift the back or base of seats to suit their needs. Even they say there will not be a problem for tall passengers from now onwards inside the new Jazz.

At last, the boot is class-leading with 363-litres on offer.

  • Stay safe

Japanese, very precise about their machines just like Germans, left no stone to offer maximum safety inside the cabin of new Jazz. Crumple zones, central-lock, child-lock and seat-belt pretensioners are available on all model as standard, whilst the top-of-line variant will get to drive its buyers in the safest lap – added by ABS, airbags, fog lamps, parking sensors, remote locking system, and Hill Start Assist for CVT versions. Some said the Emergency Stop Signal will also hug the new Jazz in India which will display the hazard braking lights in case of hard braking.

Discover The New Honda Jazz In Detail

  • What’s in the engine?

The bay under bonnet is about to receive the power from petrol and diesel engines both. The former options will pick up a 1.2-litre i-VTEC motor from the Amaze sedan, while the latter may carry a trusted and proven 1.5-litre i-DTEC from Mobilio, Amaze and City delivering the max output of 99PS. And if that output of diesel will make to the sales floor, then Jazz will make itself count as some of the most powerful hatchbacks available in the country. Apparently, there aren’t any chances for the diesel to get a CVT transmission option other than the standard 5-speed manual.

  • Pricing

The ‘Make in India’ concept initialized by the new Prime Minister of India had taken its toll on new Jazz soon before it sets it foot out on the shores. The localization of 90% will make the car quite competitive in the race against the rivals. However, there aren’t any light specifications where this car will hit the market at. But one can expect a healthy chase towards the entire segment.

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