Constapark – A Valet On-Demand Service Launched In Bangalore

As we have kept on saying, India is eagerly becoming more demanding than before – especially in the automotive sector, it is now evident that a smart entrepreneur had started the new service to allow relaxation for the car owners in the time of rush. ‘Hire a valet’ or ‘valet on demand’, are the terms for a one to call this service precisely.

Reeled under the title of Constapark, this innovative valet service is available only at two locations in Bangalore. It is rolled out with the aim of not wasting time on finding a spot and parking a car. The actual users of it seem those who run on the busy schedules are always in the hurry to attend the meeting at the last minute. The payment for service had to be done via online or Paytm wallet.

Constapark - A Valet On-Demand Service Launched

User need to first download the app, and then select the destination. The details of valet will get displayed on the mobile phone, and he is bound to remain awaited for the arrival at the mentioned destination. After handing him the keys, he will take the car to a secured park area which is well-surrounded by CCTV cameras, and is legal for parking too. Now, for getting back into the car users need to use the app and command the valet to return the car at the desired spot, which he has to do it the next fifteen minutes.

Constapark - A Valet On-Demand Service

The service provider is charging only Rs 70 per hour, but the cost depends upon time and day.

The aim of this is service is to lend a piece of mind, which for the given statement it is holding a general liability of up to Rs 50 lakh. The liability is only entitled until the car is in their possession.

Constapark - A Valet On-Demand Service Launched In Bangalore

At the time of writing, Constapark service was available only in the area of Koramangala and Indira Nagar between 10 am and 11 pm.

Hence, we encourage this sort of startups who do come up with unique ideas like this. And automotive segment literally needs more of them to look into the bright future for everyone.

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