Glimpses of Parx Super Car Show Rally 2013

Parx Super Car Show Rally took off with a bang and paraded the whole Mumbai with all its pride. Roaring machines were headed by Gautam Singhania’s Golden Aventador, which has accompanied some other Lambis for lead as well.

All of them, rendered as Rolls Royce, Maserati, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Porsche, Aston Martin, Bentley and Lambiorghini delighted the onlookers from Mahalakshmi Race course, through Bandra Worli Sea Link, via Westrern Express Highway to Santacruz,  and all the way back again to starting line. Pedestrians were ready with their huge shutterbugs to capture these legends as some ‘unforgettable memories’. Many bikes including Hayabusa, Hyosung, Kawasaki etc. also joined the procession. Other super car owners too carried their heavy metals through same route for getting a part of the vying glitterati. At the end, Mr. Singhania, Chairman and MD of Raymond Ltd. And Founding Chairman of SCC distributed trophies to the desirable cars and Best Driver. Some of the participants had come all the way from Delhi, and were also among those who had received honor.


Mr.Mohan Mariwala of Lamborghini and Michael Perschke of Audi India were also seen with Hannu Mikkola, the famous Rally driver, sharing some expertise on auto fraternity. Mikkola was very much overwhelmed from the response in India, as it was his first visit to our nation. He took such a tempting effort to fly thousands of miles from Miami to here for just being a medal of this auspicious moment.

According to Mr. Gautam, as an auto fanatic, he said, “Since its inception in 2009, the Parx Car Show has covered new grounds every year. From being the first and only super car show in India, Parx Super Car Show had become the forum for leading super car manufacturers to launch their automobiles.” He also added that this event had seen tremendous folds in numbers of both i.e. audiences, as well as super car owner’s participation for the same.


With relation to some other happenings of SCC, Singhania added that, “In addition to the Parx Super Car Show, the Super Car Club has been organizing expeditions like the Leh Ladakh Expedition, ice driving expedition and several other drives.”

Everything rubbed off smoothly on route, just like the SCC Chairman had thought of, by studying some laybacks of previous participation. An exception can be exclaimed to this one, as an Audi R8 was burnt to ashes by fire that exhumed in its exhaust system, which then later on overlapped through whole metal. Luckily, this car was not the part of Super Car Club! It was a self driven one which was raging convoy in its own but mysterious stride. On humanitarian grounds, SCC Chairman itself along with some close aides rushed to its rescue which also received support from Fire Brigade battalion, Police Force, Traffic Police and Towing vehicles. The burnt mess on road had led to serpentine queue on Sea Link, which was then lately cleared by official Traffic machinery. Eventually, no one was hurt in the unexpected, duos came out of cabin safely before it got too late. Cause of fire is not yet figured out, but everyone (including SCC top brass) is very much curious to be briefed about the fact.

 Rolls Royce

Aston Martin V8 Vantage Parx Supercar Show 2013

Parx Super Car Show will be back next year again, but with some more grunts on extreme edges. It may become something like Concour D’ Elegance (of France) in the future, dreams Mr. Gautam Singhania.

We too wish him all the luck!

Parx Supercar Show

New Audi R8 New Audi TT

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