Honda CB 200 X Genuine Accessories

Honda CB 200 X Genuine Accessories

Check out a curated list of the available Honda CB 200 X genuine accessories. All the accessories covered in this video are genuine accessories from Honda. Details including the part numbers are mentioned.

Honda CB 200 X Genuine Accessories

Engine Guard 

The engine guard protects the exterior components of the engine from any impact during a crash. Even in case of a fall, it ensures the protection of vital mechanicals of the bike, as it absorbs most of the impact which would have otherwise damaged the bike.  It also protects your legs in case of a head-on collision. It comes with a high-quality powder coating for rust prevention. This guard not only protects the engine from impacts but also adds to the styling of this motorcycle.

Engine Guard
PART No. 08302K1PA00
Rs. 810

Seat Cover 

If you spend most of your time riding your bike, then you should pamper your bike and yourself with some seat upgrades. The stock seat cover does solve their purpose, but let’s agree they might not be the most comfortable or the best looking either.

Honda offers a premium set of split seat covers for your CB 200 X. These covers are specially designed for this model for the perfect fitting and comfort of the rider. The split design also ensures that the comfort for the pillion is not compromised. It even comes with dual stitching for long-lasting durability. 

Seat Cover
PART No. 08303K1PA00
Rs. 508

Wheel Stickers

One of the most subtle ways to add some styling to your CB 200 X is by customising your wheel with a sticker. Not only do they look good visually, but it also makes spotting the bike easier for other riders or drivers on the road during dark conditions. These stickers come with self-adhesive technology for easy installation. 

Wheel Sticker
PART No. 08306K0NA00ZA
Rs. 189

Body Cover

If you do not have closed or covered parking for your vehicles, then you must definitely and immediately consider buying a body cover for your bike. The cover might not seem as important but over the long run, it protects your bike’s paintwork and ensures it does not get dull over the years due to the harsh weather conditions. It protects your bike’s from rusting, it protects the electrical components and the list goes on. 

To summarise, if you want your bike to always look neat and glossy like it came off the showroom floor, you must always keep it protected through a body cover. 

Body Cover
Rs. 388

The Honda CB 200 X is currently priced at Rs 1.46 Lakhs (ex-showroom).

It generates a power figure of 17 HP & 16 Nm of torque. It returns a fuel efficiency of 40 Km/L. It comes with a generous ground clearance of 167 mm. The CB 200 X is currently being offered in three colours Matte Silver, Black & Sports Red. 


  • Price- Rs 1.46 Lakhs (ex-showroom)
  • Power- 17 HP & 16 Nm Torque
  • Fuel Efficiency – 40 Km/L

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