Honda Mobilio vs Maruti Ertiga vs Toyota Innova: Specifications Comparison

Honda Mobilio, the bagful of Japanese goodies is about to hit India probably by this year. But after Mobilio’s unveiling at Delhi Auto Expo, a good round of havoc was created amongst audience, and the speculation build-up started talking place underneath the shade of launch. However, Honda Mobilio’s stiff rivals would be the segment’s best – Maruti Suzuki Ertiga and Toyota Innova.

Actual comparison after the launch will conclude a detailed first hand report with various other minute flickering. But let’s see what the specifications comparison of these three MPVs had to say on our blog for now.


Pricing is the best bet to toss the game in the country. Innova smartly managed to sweep a bigger crater than others with the largest price tag. Starts at Rs 9.67 and goes on till Rs 14.92 lakh for the top trim (ex-showroom, Delhi). The second existing product of the market Maruti Ertiga falls flat for masses with Rs 5.80 lakh on the base LXi petrol, trailing the list to top-end diesel ZDi variant with Rs 8.24 lakh. However, as per our expectations, the Honda will not be that premium on the pricing likewise the Innova. But inspiringly it will retail Mobilio for Rs 6.25 lakh (approximately) in the base petrol variant – a notch down than the Ertiga.

Honda Mobilio


Likewise, the ongoing trend of industry, Honda Mobilio too is imagined adapting that same engine for number of badges in the repertoire. Engine engulfed into the bay of hatchback powering the whole family upto the MPV (for e.g. Maruti with the Fiat 1.3L Multijet diesel). Honda’s existing 1.5-litre petrol i-VTEC and 1.5-litre diesel i-DTEC engines of the new Honda City and Amaze are touted to get dwelled under the bonnet of Mobilio. The 1497cc, four-cylinder petrol motor makes a finer 117bhp and 14.7kgm, while the 1498cc four-cylinder diesel churns out a good 98.6bhp and 20.3kgm.

Maruti Ertiga is submerged with a K14 1373cc, four-cylinder petrol motor and a 1248cc, four-cylinder Fiat 1.3 Multijet diesel engine. The petrol motor produces 93.7bhp and 13.2kgm while the diesel mill makes 88.7bhp and 20.4kgm.

The Toyota Innova is altogether a league apart. The biggest and heaviest of all three, it covers its engine bay with a 1TR-FE 1998cc, four-cylinder petrol engine good for 130bhp and 18.5kgm and 2KD-FTV a 2494cc, four-cylinder diesel motor that makes a simplified 102bhp and 20.4kgm.

Maruti Ertiga


Space is what Indians look at first. Though if the engine is small and the vehicle is not so powerful, it still manages to sell, because of the space on board offered for a quite competitive price. The best example is ‘Maruti Ertiga’. Talking its dimension, the Maruti MPV stretches 2740mm at wheelbase, with an overall length of 4265mm, width of 1695mm and height of 1685mm.

Factually, the Honda Mobilio is based on the same platform of Brio, and we mean Amaze too by that chance. At the Delhi Auto Expo, it measured 2650mm at wheelbase, 90mm shorter than the Ertiga, and 245mm longer than the Amaze. 4386mm of length and 1683mm of width with 1603mm of height, it batters the Ertiga in length but falls shorter on height and width.

Standing tall in the whole competition, Toyota Innova edged out the rest on wheelbase, with the space between the wheels measuring 2750mm. On the other corners it too aggressively grosses, 4585mm of length, 1765mm of width and 1760mm of height. The two of the competition (Mobilio and Ertiga) are clearly swept out by Innova in a single strike of dimension.

Toyota Innova


On conclusion, seeing three of them on paper, it can be noted, Toyota Innova is the best of all. Down to the money value, the Japanese’ Innova fails to attract mass buyers due to largest price tag, but there comes the very-efficient Ertiga to the rescue. Though, Honda is planning to cave in a slot between both the categories – pricing and power. So, this seems the war is going to take shape, where the badges from rest of segment too may get involved indirectly in the case, would crisscross the fringe with regards to pricing and others.

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