Honda’s Journey In India

Honda cars in India are extremely popular and carry unprecedented brand value. They are one of the most highly sold cars in the country. Honda cars in India are manufactured and distributed under the name of Honda Siel Cars India Ltd. This is a collaboration of Honda Motor Co. Ltd. Japan and Siel Limited, a Siddharth Shriram Group company. Honda’s journey in Indian market began in December 1995 and since then has captured the hearts of millions.

The sole aim of this joint venture was to offer India a taste of Honda’s highly technological cars. The aim has completely come true with Honda giving Indians a car experience that they never had before. India witnessed wonders of Japanese technology due to the Honda cars. Till date Honda has invested a total of 1620 crores in India’s car market and has also made even bigger profits.

Honda City

Honda in 1997 released its first car in India, a spectacular Honda City. The car is said to have revolutionized the Indian car market. The car even after 13 years still has a great following. The car has gone through many facelifts and has been released in many modified versions. In 2003 Honda City ZX was launched tapping the middle class sector.

Following this Honda then launched many more cars in India. Like Honda Civic in July 2006 and Honda Accord made it to India in January 2007 and later its other variant Honda Civic Hybrid also came in the market. One of the most popular SUV in India is the Honda CR-V launched in 2006. Models of Honda City, Accord and Civic are manufactured in India itself, whereas Honda CR- V and Accord Hybrid is produced in Japan and then imported to India.

Honda CR-V

All these models have generated huge sales and the brand became stronger with passing time and this just proves the success of Honda’s journey in India. Honda had invested about Rs 450 crores to set- up their first plant in Noida, UP in the year 1997. The plant has world- class machinery and highly skilled man force. Honda is said to have a very strong manufacturing and distribution network in India with about 87 facilities spread across 53 cities of India. Honda dealers in India also provide the appreciated 3S facility, which stands for sales, service, and spares.

Recently Honda has also launched hatchback cars keeping in mind the need of roads in India. Honda had earlier released Honda Jazz and it garnered huge response. Their recent launch is the Honda Brio which is also making waves in the market. Designed by keeping the Indian youth in mind this recent product is fit for the market.

Honda Brio

Honda has always been famous around the world for its amazing performance, great designs, classy interior and brilliant customer service. All of this stands true even for their business in India. Customers are mighty satisfied with their Honda cars and after sale services. This is the prime reason why Honda is exhibiting record sales with each passing year.

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