Kia Won’t Launch Its Stinger Sports Sedan In India

Kia Won't Launch Its Kia Stinger Sports Sedan In India

Kia, the carmaker from Korea will launch their sales in the Indian subcontinent, somewhere in the second half of 2019.  Kia Stinger will not be a part of their kitty

But now we hear that the  Kia Stinger will not be a part of their kitty. Speaking of the Stinger, it is a sports sedan which is at the high end of the Kia product hierarchy.

Sadly, Kia is quite skeptical about its acceptability and sales potential in India and as the Stinger will have to be imported to india as a completely built-up unit, there would be a lot of taxes involved, pushing its price to around 70 lakh INR! Now this figure does not go too well with the image of Kia as a mass market car, and so they have decided not to launch Stinger in India.

Well, while we do understand the science behind their moves, we are sure that they will surely compensate us with something better to avoid missing the Stinger.

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