Land Rover’s noble gesture helps many wounded veterans

Land Rover has taken up a noble cause and is setting the standards for all other automobile companies in this aspect. The company has initiated a campaign that would support the Road2Recovery project. It’s a campaign that facilitates to materialize the dreams of wounded service personnel to participate in the Dakar Rally that is to be held in January 2013. However, this is not their only step towards charitable outings. They have also enrolled themselves into taking up the Help for Heroes project that would facilitate help towards recovery and rehabilitation towards wounded soldiers.

Land Rover's noble gesture helps many wounded veterans

Land Rover is helping quite a few to realize their dreams, and one among them is an amputated driver and co driver who is ready to take on the Dakar Rally. The team is also helping a 31 member squad of wounded soldiers to take on the rally.  For this 31 brave hearts Land Rover is doing all that it can to make their efforts fruitful. It has promised to provide the team with supplies of material and financial needs. The team would provide the 31 members with support vehicles and Land Rover engines retrofitted onto the rally cars.  They have also promised to give the drivers the adequate training to take on the off road driving challenge. They extend their help in providing the drive with spare parts and other utility services along with PR and marketing support. The four vehicles of the Rally teams Qt. Wildcat, have been based on the Land Rover Defender platform and are run on Land Rover engines.

Mark Cameron the Land Rover Brand Experience director stated that competing in this event, the Dakar Rally would be a life experience and would challenge the teams to push themselves against odds and would help in building the strength and confidence in oneself that one might have lost post injury or wound.

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