Honda Civic 2013 will arrive in India soon

The New Honda Civic 2013 is now replacing Honda Civic 2011. Knowing how amazing the 2011 model is, we have much to look forward to the 2013 version of the car. The covers were first lifted in Thailand last month and showed how beautiful the car turned out to be. With no real change for the past handful of years, Honda has now come out with a band.

Changes were noticed in the front and rear ends of the car with the headlights designed to make it look majestic, though the sides remain quite similar to the previous model. The bumper has also gone thorough minor adjustments to the design. They have shortened the length by 30mm, but all in all, a refreshing new version indeed.

Honda Civic 2013 will arrive in India soon

The interiors seem to have gone through a makeover as well, turning the look to a classic royal. Along with design and style, Honda has made sure to make changes to let the driver feel as comfortable as possible. The steering wheel has been upgraded to give better flexibility to the driver and the entire console has shifted closer so as to give him easier access.

The Asian model also featured innovative applications like sat-nav which is a very helpful navigation system, a camera on the rear end, an impressive start and stop button and also comes with an ECO mode choice which helps you do your part in protecting the earth. This mode enables the car to run on fuel efficiency, meaning that there will be a considerable reduction of carbon emission from it. Though, we cannot be sure yet if any of these features would be present in the Indian model of Honda Civic.

This version comes in two variations, the 1.8 liter I-VTEC and the 2.0 liter I-VTEC engine. Though the Thailand model doesn’t have a diesel choice of fuel, we can be certain that the Indian version would come with a diesel.

All we can do is wait and watch for it to arrive.

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