Mahindra Cars in India

Mahindra and Mahindra Limited (M&M) was previously called as Mahindra and Mohammed and was started in 1945 in Ludhiana. The company was found by two brothers K.C. Mahindra and J. C. Mahindra and their partner Malik Ghulam Mohammed. Later when India gained independence and Pakistan became an independent country Ghulam Mohammed went to Pakistan and then acquired the position of the country’s Finance Minister. After which, the name of the company Mahindra and Mohammed was changed in 1948 to Mahindra and Mahindra.

Initially the company was a steel trading company but they soon diversified and expanded their units into car manufacturing. They started off with producing general- purpose utility vehicle, wherein formerly they assembled cars for CKD under the license name Willy’s Jeep in 1949.

With each passing year Mahindra has grown to new heights. They have not only partnered with other Indian car companies but have also teamed up with other big international players. Some of these tie- ups include companies like Renault SA, International Truck and Engine Corporation.

Mahindra scorpio 2012

One of the most famous products of Mahindra- Renault collaboration is their mid- size sedan passenger car, Logan which was launched in April 2007. With this car Mahindra and Mahindra entered the passenger car segment successfully in India. Soon after the launch of Logan it garnered huge demand but once the tie- up between the two companies dissolved the demand started diminishing. After the dissolve, Logan was marketed under the only name of Mahindra and Mahindra also the car’s design changed and became a little smaller.

Although Logan was their attempt in passenger car segment Mahindra cars in India, earlier achieved great success with Scorpio and Bolero in the SUV segment. Till date the advertising strategy of the launch of Scorpio is considered one of the best among automobile advertising. Scorpio was launched in 2002 and its design perfectly matched the purpose of the car and the current demands of the consuming segment. Apart from being a sturdy car meant for long adventurous journeys the car also had classy interior design.

Mahindra SUV Bolero 2012

Another Mahindra’s SUV Bolero is one of the most preferred cars in its class. The car is reckoned among the most fuel efficient cars in India, which has always been a prime factor of decision making for the Indian consumers. The car has a 2500 cc diesel engine and is matched by 5- speed transmission making it fit for the most rugged roads of India.

Apart from this, a more recently launched Mahindra car in India is the Xylo, which is an MPV and has clearly made its way into the hearts of many Indians by its design and performance. A startling attraction of this car is the fact that after BS IV norms and BS lll emission norms came into effect among the 13 cities of India, Xylo is been designed in both BS IV and BS lll variants. The car has a very youthful and smooth look which is contrary to the more masculine and sturdy designs used earlier.

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