BMW achieves 25000 Mark

This week BMW lost its No. 1 position to Audi but at the same time it touched another milestone by assembling and rolling out an impressive 25000th car from its Chennai plant. BMW has strengthened their market position in the Indian luxury car segment. It has already delivered about 4,457 units until now in 2012 as compared to just 9,371 units it sold last year. MD of BMW Chennai Plant, Juergen Eder was overjoyed with pride and excitement and congratulated all the BMW Chennai family members for this enthralling success. He also praised the workers for making it possible to deliver finest quality cars to the world.

He also added that there has been a rapid increase in demand for the Bavarian car models in the Luxury market segment and he also added that Chennai plant will play an important role in helping the firm to achieve the goal. The most important part of the story was that the 25000 mark was achieved within just six years. With Audi replacing the BMW (who has been number one selling luxury car brand for three consecutive years) from no. 1 position, BMW is sure to strengthen its footholds in the Indian market to regain its previous position.

BMW achieves 25000 Mark

At present there are about 25 dealerships across the country and BMW is planning to expand it to 40 outlets by the end of the year. The aggression with which the Audi is moving forward may compel BMW to incorporate drastic measure to overtake the market again.

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