Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Recalled

Maruti is popularly known for retailing cars that are under Rs 10 lakh, and had tentatively failed to deliver that same output when brought the models northward the one million INR mark.

However, for the past month whole industry was surprised to see the Ciaz being sold in more than the industry leader Honda City despite being an exception to the aforesaid belief. But settling down the scores by a non-direct mean, Maruti itself has recalled 3,796 Ciaz for an inspection! The company suspects fault in one of the clutch part, which is applicable to the manual transmission buyers of petrol and diesel both. And if found faulty, part will then be replaced for free of cost.

A service camp is bound to set-up for resolving this issue. It is been claimed by the company, cars made till November 7, 2014, falls under such suspicion.

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Recalled

That’s not all, the official website of Maruti has sanctioned a slot for curious customers to fill in the chassis number and extract the whether their car under the recall. More to it, they can also take their Ciaz to nearest dealerships for overcoming this doubt.

Hence, it may take a while to dethrone the market leader, but it demands more than that to stay in the position of a leader.

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