BMW Power eDrive Plug-In Hybrid System Explained

BMW’s way of going hybrid isn’t something new neither for the market, nor even for the BMW – as it had already i8 and i3 rolled-down the sales floor. Now, to extend that range further, the German automaker has unfolded an advanced new plug-in hybrid system dubbed as ‘Power eDrive’.

The new drivetrain of BMW is cited to deliver that same smooth and surging power which the existing ones deliver. To conclude the best, a prototype of the said tech is created based on the 5-Series GT.

Under the hoods, in the major zone, a turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder of 228bhp is planted accompanied by two electric motors. An electric motor worth of 201bhp impends all the force by sitting in the same cabin of torque converter inside the 8-speed automatic transmission. Another one in co-ordination to it is placed at the rear axle for collating another 268bhp to the whole. In total, the car produces more than 670bhp and a compelling 1016Nm of torque. Reviewing the overall figure, it is framed that engineers at BMW had laid attention more on electric motor – with in total they produce more than two-third of overall power figure.

BMW Power eDrive Plug-In Hybrid System Explained

In order to power those electric motors a 20kWh battery pack comes fitted longitudinally at the central tunnel of the car, means horizontally under the rear seat. Obviously, the battery pack is charged by a normal wall socket and also by the power developed by fossil-fuel engine in the bay.

The electric motors sent traction to rear wheels via an eight-speed transmission whereas the front wheels are fed by the power from 2.0L engine.

The addition of electric motors obviously carries an extra weight, and hence hampers the performance, may have been thought by the some smart Alex. To counter that raised obliquity, company already stated to compare the power from both the drivetrains. Earlier, the 2070kg weighing 5-Series GT used to produce 444bhp from a twin-turbocharged 4.4-litre V8 engine. Now, comparatively the power is approximately 250bhp more than the said making it to stand affirm on the power to weight ratio. BMW has uttered Power eDrive is a good option to slot it in the upmarket vehicles, alongside the diesel and petrol options. Next-gen X5, X6, 7-Series and an upcoming range-topping SUV X7 due for 2017 too will see this drivetrain soon.

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