Mercedes-Benz C-Class Edition C: Test Drive and Review

Mercedes-Benz Class is been in existence on this planet from 1982. But when the German based carmaker sold 1million units of it globally, it then decided to give Indians a gift of exclusivity for the same, which is dubbed as “Edition C”. However, the Edition C is nothing but the cosmetic change of Mercedes-Benz C220 Cdi (diesel variant). However, the carmaker has said to be rolling it out only in 500 units for India.

Hence, the above said were the trivias about the vehicle, but is the Edition C is really worth buying a one for the price of Rs. 39.16 lakh ex-showroom Mumbai. With a difference of Rs 3.36 lakh between the regular C-Class and the Edition C, it remains a question popping against the rivals like BMW and Audi whether the new Merc should be bought or not. We solved the myth by driving the vehicle, given just for a short distance at the launch venue. Hope so our experience mentioned below may clear all the queries related to it.

Mercedes Benz C-Class Edition C


For aesthetics Mercedes-Benz looks promising with next-to zero naggings paid to the Edition C. The AMG body kit on the outers, and slightly smoked headlamps pose as major changes. The starching lines and rest of them remained unchanged. Marking the exclusivity, an “Edition C” metal stag is stamped on the sides. The said Edition C badges are not so big in stance conveying the limited edition, but those AMG style kit on the front is enough to snob all of the rest for the new assorted C-Class looks. Chromed exhaust tips at rear dips the last call of Edition C.

Overall for the Edition C exteriors, we found it more lucrative and engaging than the conventional C-Class. In fact the 220Cdi dopes out all the sophistication, and fizzes in the racing aspiration. It seems the designers at Merc backend may have paid their effort in the form of enormous time as well as creativity.

Mercedes Benz Back View


Complementing the exteriors, interiors too is dignified with number of assortment. Once inside, the black suavely-fitted Alacantra leather is one of the delegated things to talk of. Blue contrast stitches running across seats makes the experience more adrenaline packed. Microfiber dashboard is now delved with silver trim instead of woods, with contrasting stitches running across. The best that we had experienced was the ‘sunroof’, and those adjacent AC vents thatched very next to it. The engineering part of German has come to an ultimate experience when we saw the inching gap between second row AC vents and sunroof, and also the vent’s positioning in alignment with rear passenger seats. Tailing the notch further, SAT-NAV comes as a standard feature for Edition C. The number of buttons remains the same on central console, to confuse for every bit of second, but will be getting used to if driven for hours.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Interiors Mercedes-Benz C-Class Interiors View

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Exteriors

Technical & Ride Experience:

Just as said above, engine specification remained intact to what it was been on the conventional 220Cdi. The 2143cc turbodiesel engine of 167bhp mated with 7-speed automatic gearbox is enough to give a nice bump over the others. To an extent, we fled the scene with punch of gushing powers. That’s when we realized it was the Sports mode which swooped us the way said. Eco Mode is also referred here for the Indian-settled fuel conscious buyers. The mileage was good enough to tempt its audience. Engine starts stroking in all the force post 2000rpm, but those numbers feels enough to outdo the elder sibling 250Cdi in the performance and handling experience. Only the bit that was worrying us was low-profile 225/45 R17 tyres fitted on the 17-inch 5 spoke wheels. It kept us slightly on the edge when cutting the curves, but great thanks to the automatic changeable suspension as per to the mode. In the Sports (mode) it lead us to the spoofing needed, and ultimately we grasped the kilometers swiftly on those under-estimated pieces of rubbers. However, there weren’t any differences in the performance of the existing C-Class 220Cdi and the one of Edition C.

Mercedes Benz C-Class Engine

Mercedes Benz C-Class Back View Mercedes Benz C-Class

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