New Second-Gen BMW X6 Explained: Watch Video

The new BMW X6 which is of second-gen, that doesn’t makes quite a lot difference than the previous one as both of them looks mostly identical, is now featured in an official video of BMW.

The BMW had posted a video shredding the dust off its shoulders for claiming the newness, and also explaining the features in great detail what it been missed out in the written press release.

Chris Brow, the same guy that introduced a variety of new models to YouTube in the past, can also be seen featured in this video doing his task dutifully.

New Second-Gen BMW X6 Explained

Taken that the new X6 is a combination of the coupe and SUV, as both of the segments had always remained in demand throughout the globe and been cashed immensely by assimilating both in this BMW model, they said the tall person at least of up to 6’1” (185 cm) would be able to sit comfortably in the rear over a long distance. Parking sensors and rearview cameras to assist the driver while parking.

The mother of all the changes is the addition of iDrive system. Features like Concierge services, Active Traffic Jam Assistant and the touch sensitive controller really make a difference. Watch the video to realize what the new second-gen X6 scales at for the money value.

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