GF7 Jet Flying Car May Take Few Years to Arrive

Dreams like, a car that can fly, or an airplane that can be used as a car, may remain a dream for some more years, because there is nothing concrete happening at the moment for making it a reality.

Surprisingly, the news rounding on internet is found saying that the new GF7 concept here is aimed towards solving the problems if you disregard the price.

The California-based designer Greg Brown and engineer Dave Fawcett from Airboss Aerospace came up with this stunning idea that resembles to a luxury business jet despite being a car under the skin.

GF7 Jet Flying Car May Take Few Years to Arrive

It can lay down its magical elements by folding up the wings upwards and can easily math up the specs of driving on roads with its four wheels.

Don’t let the confusion flow down the veins that the GF7 is just another piece of the metal like the ones which we had seen earlier but they failed or still in the making to reach the production bay. Differences mentioned here can clearly break the pictures of the GF7 against the rest.

It’s an electric-jet vehicle, an electric motor worth of 50 kWh battery pack will enable the pilot/driver to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph (96 km/h) in around 7-12 seconds and reach a maximum speed of 100 mph (160 km/h). The battery is supposed to keep the road-istic momentum going for around 80-120 miles (129-193 km). After finding the jerks of traffics on the roads, one can lead the route towards the nearest airport and can expand the 23 ft (7 m) delta wing to simply take off by pressing hard the 3,500-lb thrust jet engine mounted at the back. And that’s not where the story ends; one can even use the electric motor to pull off to the speed and then let the jet kick in. Once airborne, it’ll be able to reach 38,000 ft (12,000 m) and speeds of 550 mph (885 km/h).

GF7 Jet Flying Car

The whole GF7 is designed to travel the passengers between large cities, as the fuel is said to last only for 700 to 1,000 miles (1,127 – 1,600 km), but added with the same comfort of a luxury car that takes on the road hours to complete the same route the airplane covers in minutes. The jet engine makes enough power to also recharge the electric battery, so probably after the flight drive-thru the city will not have any problems.

“The GF7 can increase the size of the region a person can influence in a day without the dependence on a team of support personnel,” Brown told Gizmag. “It saves time by flying fast and eliminating delays resulting from startup, shutdown, transferring to a ground vehicle and backtracking to a waiting airplane. With a GF7 there is no need for travel coordinators, or a staff of pilots and drivers at the ready. You don’t need to pay for airport services, a rental car, or aircraft tie-downs, which also means you can avoid busy airports.”

The project is still under development and the first prototype will take around four years to roll out. And for the heaven let’s keep our expectations down, because the inventions like this don’t fall easy on pockets, as it is expected to cost somewhere between $3-5 million.

GF7 Jet Flying Car May Take Few Years to Arrive

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