New Suzuki Swift Hybrid Unveiled

New Suzuki Swift Hybrid Unveiled

Suzuki Motor Corporation has launched new versions of Swift compact car equipped with a hybrid system in Japan. The car comes in two variants: Swift Hybrid SG and Swift Hybrid SL.

The new model pairs standard 91hp 1.2-litre petrol motor to a 10 kW Motor Generator Unit and a 5-speed Auto Gear Shift gearbox. In addition to driving assist with its motor function, the system automatically stops the engine and switches to EV driving when the vehicle is running at a constant speed or during creeping.

The system offers two driving modes to let the driver select between brisk driving and driving with priority on fuel efficiency by increasing the frequency of EV driving. The company claims the car to provide a high fuel efficiency of 32.0kmpL. The vehicle weight is kept within 1,000kg, and it qualifies for eco-car tax breaks in Japan.

Till now there are no updates by the company about the launch of the new Swift hybrid in India. Under the new tax regime, hybrid vehicles are on the same slab as luxury cars at 28 percent GST plus 15 percent cess at present. At 43 percent, total tax incidence on these vehicles is higher from the previous effective tax rate of 30.3 percent.

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