Maruti Suzuki Dzire Genuine Accessories | Body Kit | Alloy Wheels | Chrome |

Maruti Suzuki Dzire Genuine Accessories | Body Kit | Alloy Wheels | Chrome |

We have curated some of the genuine accessories available for your Maruti Suzuki Dzire. Know more about these Maruti Suzuki Dzire Accessories, with details and part numbers mentioned below. These accessories are available with local authorised dealers of Maruti Suzuki.

Here is a list of curated Maruti Suzuki Dzire Accessories.

Steering Wheel Cover

The steering wheel absorbs a lot of sweat from our palms while driving, and over the years, the grip and the shine of the steering wheel start to fade away. To avoid this, you can get your Dzire, an affordable steering wheel cover for just Rs 250.

Tail Lamp Garnish

People who appreciate the use of chrome to customize their vehicle will love the chrome tail lamp garnish. The best part about this accessory, you can order it from the brand’s website, and once delivered to your home, you can install it yourself, without the need for a professional installation.

Glove Box Organizer

The best way to de-clutter your glove box is by keeping a glove box organizer that comes with partitioned segments to organize the documents and other contents of the glove box.

Full Floor Cover Mat

Installing a cover over the entire floor of a vehicle has many advantages. Firstly, it maintains the quality of the stock floor carpet. Secondly, it acts as an additional layer of protection from dust, water, and other particles which potentially damages the floor panels. So, if you plan on owning your vehicle for a long time, it is always advised to invest in a floor cover and then place an additional set of mats for all the passengers, to keep the cabin in an immaculate condition, despite the exterior weather conditions.

Body Kit

The best way to make your Dzire stand out in the crowd is by customizing its body panels. The added body kit lowers the stance of the sedan and gives it a look of a lowered sedan with reduced ride height. The body kit consists of side skirts, and front & rear bumper lips. These panels can be purchased individually or as a part of this body kit.

Bumper Corner Protector

To protect the edges of your bumper, you can purchase the genuine bumper corner protector from Maruti Suzuki itself. These protectors are meant to protect the bumpers from chips, cracks, and minor scratches. These protectors are compatible with all the variants of the Dzire.

Mud Flap Set

To keep your Dzire’s bumpers and body panels clean and tidy, you must consider getting a set of mud flaps, if you do not have one already.

All-Weather PVC Mats

To keep your car neat and clean all the time, you should definitely consider getting your Dzire a PVC rubber mat. At an additional cost, you can also purchase a similar PVC mat for the boot space.

Door Handle Garnish

The door handle garnish offers a distinct look to the Dzire and these can be installed on all the variants of the Dzire.

Door Visor

If you frequently enjoy your drives in rain with windows down, you must definitely get a door visor for your car. The door visors are aerodynamically designed to fit the dzire in such a way that you do not get the raindrops inside the cabin with windows down and still receive a smooth airflow.

Car Dustbin

To keep your car neat and clean you can purchase the car dustbin from Maruti Suzuki, which can be placed in the door pockets. Wrappers, toll receipts, and other materials which are often found on the floor discarded can be thrown in the bin, helping you keep the interior space clean with minimal effort.

Interior Styling Kits

To add some finesse to your interior space, you can buy the interior styling kits from Maruti Suzuki, which consist of designed plastic panels for doors and infotainment systems. These kits can be installed on all variants of the Dzire.

Seat Covers

Installing an additional layer of seat cover over the stock fabric, not only keeps it fresh and new but also adds to the owner’s personal taste and comfort.
If you’re looking for a seat cover under a budget. Maruti Suzuki has got your back. Their range of seat covers starts right under Rs 5000, we suggest the Crossways Dark Pitch highlight seat cover which is available for just Rs 5389.

Alloy Wheels

If you’ve settled with the lower variants of the Dzire which did not come with the alloy wheels. We recommend you to get original alloy wheels from Maruti Suzuki itself, as they are made out of a better quality of alloys than the cheap aftermarket alternatives. These alloy wheels will also give your ride a visual upgrade and make it look like a higher variant of the Dzire.

Part Numbers:

Body Kit – 990j0m56r07-240
Door Visor -990j0m56rq0-020
Car Dustbin – 990j0m999l1-240
Seat Covers – 990j0m56rb3-120
Alloy Wheel – 43210m74k40-27n
Mud Flap Set – 990j0m75l00-010
Tail Lamp Garnish – 990j0m56r13-030
Interior Styling Kits – 990J0M56RPJ-070
Full Floor Cover Mat – 990j0m75la3-020
Glove Box Organizer – 990j0m999l8-140
Door Handle Garnish – 990J0M56R13-050
All-Weather PVC Mat – 990j0m75la3-020
Steering Wheel Cover – 990j0m74lc1-080
Bumper Corner Protector – 990j0m75l17-010

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