New Volkswagen Touareg 2012: Review

Volkswagen has over the past few decades pioneered the world of automobile and are now the proud owners of one the most exquisite brands of cars including Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Porsche, Lamborghini, Skoda and SEAT. They also own Scania which majors in manufacturing heavy-duty trucks. The ranges of cars that have rolled out of the garage of Volkswagen have received applauses from all countries. The sedans are equally good as the SUVs of Volkswagen.

When Volkswagen launched Touareg in the market, the car fared well from the point of view of its looks as well as its ergonomics. Owing to the success of Touareg in the market Volkswagen decided to upgrade the model with latest ergonomics and modify the outlook of the car to some extent. Mentioned below are certain factors of Volkswagen Touareg 2012.

New Volkswagen Touareg 2012


The new Touareg has been designed to be 40 millimeters more than its predecessor and the tail-lights along with head-lights resemble that of Volkswagen Passat. This car has been equipped with LED lights for day-time which gives it an altogether new appeal and the car weighs 2.2 tons. Volkswagen has put in a lot of efforts in redesigning the Touareg and has fitted the new version with new suspension bits and 4X4 mechanicals. All this has somewhat reduced the weight of the car by approximately 200 kgs and now since the car is much lighter, thus there can be some improvement in handling of the car as it is believed that the lighter the car, the more easier it is to handle it.

New Volkswagen Touareg 2012


The new Volkswagen Touareg is powered by a 2967cc 6-cylinders engine which gives a powerful horsepower of 236 bhp at 4000 rpm. On the other hand the maximum torque that new Touareg is capable of delivering is 56.08 kgm at 2000 rpm. This immense torque helps the car to swerve perfectly without any hindrance and increases its performance off the road. The car can make leaps over uneven surfaces comfortably. Thus ergonomically we can say the car competes well with other cars of its concept and class. The engine of the car has been designed in such a way so as to make sure there are no hindrances in the performance of the car. All the off-roaders are bound to have a strong engine which can take up the load of the car.

New Volkswagen Touareg 2012 engine


Volkswagen Touareg 2012 has been designed in such a manner so as to improve its off road performance and thus the car gives an appreciable torque which eases the flow of the car on road as well as off it. The 8-speed transmission control has been designed in such a way that the driver does not face any difficulty in shifting the gears as they are very smooth and flexible. The throttle pedal if pushed to the limit will make the SUV lash out like a bat straight out of hell as the power given by the engine is immense. The quality of ride that one will get is very smooth as Volkswagen designers have fitted two air-suspensions at each corner of the car. The car does not stand a chance to run off course as the tires fitted to the car are of optimum durability and traction control. The steering wheel is quite direct which can be gripped easily and the passenger can adjust it according to their height.


The interiors of the car have been revamped considerably and now the new cabin seems more luxurious than its antecedent. Volkswagen has provided the car with rear-view camera which can help the driver to ascertain the distance of the car positioned behind. Then there is the panoramic and exquisite sunroof that comes with the car and is operated electronically at the push of a button. The Touareg 2012 will also be having an integrated music system and the dashboard along with the upholstery have also been given a new touch. The seats that come with new Volkswagen Touareg are quite luxurious and give a good level of comfort to the passengers seated inside the car. Along with that, there is ample leg space in the car which helps the passengers to sit more freely and comfortably. But in case if the family is a large one, then Touareg 2012 should not be recommended as the car lacks a third row of seats and this is one repercussion of owning Volkswagen Touareg 2012 but sidelining this issue, there are absolutely no flaws attached to this car and this scores well amongst its class of SUVs.

New Volkswagen Touareg 2012 interior


Although Volkswagen Touareg lacks reduction gears yet it has a capability of performing well both on the road and off it. In case the surface of the road is muddy and slippery, it does not hamper the motion of the car as the tires attached to the car are of high durability and cannot slide and skid off the road easily. The air suspension attached to the car helps it to maintain stability in case the car is moving off the road. The car comes with a set of safety airbags. There is ABS system which helps the car to make turns easily and ten there are EDL, ASR AND ESP facilities as well which enhance the safety features of the car. Volkswagen has provided park-distance control which is considered as an innovative feature and is very beneficial to every car since there is always a risk involved in reversing a car or parking it between two or more other cars. The car has been tested excruciatingly by experts in all terrains and has been termed as a perfect off-roader which is also equally stylish and covers impressive performance by the car.


The price of the car has been fixed in the range of 42-45 Lakhs and now Volkswagen plans to make a huge improvement in its SUV class by launching the new Touareg 2012.

New Volkswagen Touareg 2012

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