Lamborghini SUV to be unveiled soon

Ever since Lamborghini entered the market, the scenario of luxury car market has changed altogether. With Gallardo, Diablo, Murcielago, Reventon and Aventador in its kitty, Lamborghini now plans to move towards designing new set of cars and this time they are aiming to set up the stakes by launching their SUV in the month of April. Audi, which is the father company of Lamborghini, has given an official statement that the SUV version of Lamborghini will be seen rolling out on the roads very soon.

Though the concept of launching an SUV after so many other beautiful and mean machines is that since a long time Lamborghini has only been rolling out their battalion of super sports cars which have gained immense popularity amongst the people. Come April, Lamborghini will be giving the first look of the car at the Beijing Motor Show. The line-up taken by Lamborghini is very strong this time by 2016 they plan to actively roll out Gallardo, Aventador and this upcoming SUV which they have codenamed as LB736.

Lamborghini SUV to be unveiled soon
Though Lamborghini has always had rave reviews on its sports cars, this time it is the time for the SUV model to be unveiled to the world. By entering the SUV market, Lamborghini will be locking horns with Maserati Kubong and also the highly anticipated SUV Off-roader that Bentley has planned to launch on to the roads by the end of this year. Lamborghini aims to be specific regarding the manufacturing of LB736 and will be launching and manufacturing only 1500 units all over the shirt. This strategy to be used by Lamborghini is considered as one of the most innovative ones and thus US, Middle-East and China will be having the market of this powerful monster.

The Lamborghini SUV will be having the same engine as that of the Gallardo with V10 5.2 L Petrol engine and the length of the car has been measured to be 5000mm. There is a hybrid version on the minds of Lamborghini officials where the engine will run with an electric motor and there will be a lithium ion battery pack and this in turn will increase its stability as well as the fuel efficiency of the car. The main competition will be with the newest version of Audi Q7 and the speculated Bentley SUV. The makers of the car are thinking to start a weight-reduction program exclusively for the car as less weight will somewhat help in maintain stability in the car and now thus as a result the upcoming Lamborghini SUV LB726 will be less than 2000 kg which is quite less.

So now finally the scenario of Sports Utility Vehicle all around the world will change with the launch of Lamborghini SUV LB736. This car follows the Estoque model design and on the basis of this, the car will enter the thriving markets. The growth of Lamborghini increases only and now due to this meanest machine, Lamborghini will be setting a benchmark for themselves.

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