Nissan Lannia Concept Unveiled at 2014 Beijing Auto Show

Nissan Lannia Concept debuted at 2014 Beijing Auto Show with huge fanfare. It was designed and developed at the Nissan’s new designing center in China, which was inaugurated last year.

The Nissan Lannia Concept is slotted for the youths and 30+ aged, but the Japanese had a tendency of being very specific to their terms, so official press statement had mentioned teh target group as “Post-80s” generation.

This is the second car from the designing center of China to roll off after the Friend-Me concept in 2013.

Nissan Lannia Concept

The car is done with V-motion grille, boomerang headlamps, a distinctive kick-up pillar, as well as the “floating” roof.

Taiji Toyota, head of Nissan Design China, says the Lannia Concept exudes “daqi” — a Chinese word that is hard to define but has the strength to push people to aspire towards better things.

However, the cars’ interiors images are not landed yet, but the speculations appeals a lot of tech-fresh features and goodies to be equipped inside.

Overall, what the Nissan wanted to convey with such concepts remains a search for last resort to us; is there any of the new technologically-advanced sedan in the development, or the company is thinking of for the near future. What’s your take? Do mention your comments the box below.

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