Nissan Starts Online Campaign for Terrano Premium SUV

Auto maker Nissan India has rolled out an online campaign for its much awaited Duster based Terrnao premium sport utility vehicle (SUV) only 2 days after it authoritatively made declaration about the name and posted an image.

The drive consists of an internet site as well as buffs posting messages where they would wish to take the new sport utility vehicle, Terrano.

The company has also posted an unclear image of the innovative sport utility vehicle, which turns ‘unlocked’ as more buffs tweet about it.

With each message, a fuzzy pixel gets softened shaping a small portion of the vehicle.

Nissan Terrano SUV
The company has bagged around 4,800 messages up till now and #Terrano is presently ruling on the social networking site, Twitter.

As per related sources, the highly anticipated vehicle will be rolled out near the festival period.

In addition, the company’s ex chief executive officer (CEO) had also subscribed to this thought.

When questioned regarding the introduction of the mini sport utility vehicle (SUV) (when the product sheet was exposed to the media persons during the month of February this year (2013), the ex CEO answered, “Diwali is the most optimistic period and we are ready and in time for that.”

The new Nissan model is based on the Renault Duster and shares a lot of of its design indications like the extremely flamed wheel curves and the bumpers.

But, the new vehicle obtains a new framework in addition to latest headlamp design.

Nissan’s edition of the Duster would boast the similar set of engines, which sit in the Duster engine coupled to a six speed manual transmission.

Lower spec variants could get a detuned engine with a five speed gear case.

The new vehicle will be made at the company’s Oragadam based facility next to Micra, Sunny as well as Evalia urban class UV, flourishing the firm’s locally-constructed model range to 4.

The Terrano is expected to be valued higher as compared to the Duster.

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