Nissan Terrano Review

“Renault Duster” the word itself is a big bonk of the industry. Though, wherever it may have been launched in the world, the results were tamed to be outstanding in terms of sale-numbers. However, it has to be, because the title of “world’s cheapest SUV” along with it makes it to caption many of the loop-holes which most of the carmakers had left behind in the fraying context that they cannot be so down-trodden in the terms of pricing and the quality offered on board.

It is no doubt that Renault used to do the justice when it comes to the pricing against value-driven. But there was a question lying unattended in the industry which says, do anyone needs more of the upmarket feel in Duster by just paying a mere ounce of money? Well, it is still unattended, hopefully would be answered when the Nissan will launch its terrifying “Terrrano” in the market in order to gain the fanfare that it was eyeing since allied with the Renault years back. To an extent we hope, the unveiling ceremony of the car may have lend some light on what the game Nissan is ready to play. But (of course) the price is remained to conclude the most of it. One can read the review below to gain at least an idea of it what is stored there for many of us at a near future which may prove a blockbuster to the industry just like the Duster had did when it was launched.


Nissan Terrano

At the unveiling ceremony, as it was carried out in the Film shooting studio, Nissan had did an outstanding job to conclude the first look of Terrano. There were three cars placed on the stage and three different sets were created to preview it. Hopefully, without any second thought we just loved the way it was staring to us from the platforms. Those bold headlights, a couple of crease on the bonnet and that massive aggressive stance all over, making it a “number” on the appearance. The front, it was inspired mostly by the layouts of all Nissan big bulky SUVs, namely X-Trail, Patrol and Pathfinder. The vertically chromed v-shaped logs on the grille, very unlikely to the couple of horizontal stance on the Duster, and the mesh type formation of grille on the back are making the Terrano to look aggressive in its best possible avatar. However, the overall looks of the front is not so similar to that of the Duster, but instead its gives in the quite upmarket feel to the vehicle more than what we had expected. Bumpers on front and rear are same to that of the French’s offering, but the first look of the front had eaten up all the efforts of Renault very ‘aggressively’.

Talking about the sides, is remained plain-Jane. Not any of the creases can be found on it. Meanwhile, the gun-finished alloys were tempting to fill up all the lacking very easily. No complaints from that viewpoint even, but we had some of them when we go looking at the third window of the SUV. It was almost similar to that of the Duster. No changes made there, and accompanying that in our drawback list are those bumpers too. They remained unchanged “a bit”.

Nissan Terrano 2013

 ‘Rear’, seems to be smacking so. The not so good and not even so bad response from all the viewers, we had drawn our views in the way as, tail lamps are a delight and razor sharp, but there is needed to be filled in something to oomph out the curves of the French sibling in the utmost. But not even that worst, we give the rear a plight more than ‘five out of ten’ markings for not disappointing us immensely. Well, we expect the Nissan must have sorted something about the ‘spare wheel’ conclusions at the rear, so that something we would have called it a lot different than Duster, but there still remains an opportunity for the Japanese carmaker to give a provision for this in near future. And, that third window must also be changed to square type of shape for suiting some of the spare wheel image when maybe given down at a near future.

2013 Nissan Terrano


Moving onto inside, the door handles gave us the confused feel. But however, we managed to move in and make us feel settled in the cabin there. No changes made to it in terms of ergonomics and others, but cosmetics had been revamped to follow that suit ‘a bit premium than Duster’ very strongly. Finally chrome strips seen on the AC vents and on the door nags, we were relived to feel that pampering performance of the designers at Nissan, clicked ‘fabulous job done’. More to the said suit, they had also given the car a heavy dose of beige which is complementing us, “yes the car is an upmarket in all its true sense.” Improved looks of dashboard is composed to serve the better prospective than the Renault, disappointingly we had to say, new steering wheel on Terrano was not having the music control. It was looking completely blank about such derivations of enhanced features despite being very new in its form. In addition to it, again the same up-stood AC vents on the floor of rear seating row, was disgusting even on the Duster too. Though it is not the functionality which is making us going nasty about it, but its habit of eating up the space for third person in second row cannot be entertained at all.

Nissan Terrano Interiors


However it is being captioned directly on the Duster’s platform and other such facts, the engine specifications also tend to be done with the 1.6 liter petrol engine, and the 1.5 liter diesel engine in two states of tunes. The petrol engine said to be offered with the 101 PS of power and 145 Nm of torque, while the 1.5-litre k9k diesel engine to make debut in the 85 PS, 200 Nm and 110 PS, 248 Nm deal. There is no automatic gearbox as well as 4×4 option on offer right now, but we expect them to come at a near future when the vehicle being slotted peacefully on the comparatively upmarket shelf of fraternity.

Driving experience would be nearly same to that of the Renault Duster, exactly of the SUV in style, not instead the hatchback or sedan, like that of a one in EcoSport.

New Nissan Terrano Back View


Pricing of the Nissan Terrano is officially said to be below the Rs. 10 lakh, but the launch in the first week of festive month October will conclude the best for us all. And need not to be worried, the deliveries are also said to commence from the end of same month itself.

Well, remembered the one question that we had asked in the beginning, “Do anyone need more of the upmarket feel in Duster by just paying a mere ounce of money?” In our answer, it’s ‘yes’ when looking at the works of Nissan retaining the perfection to Indian context. Contradicting to it, the competition will not be less when there it would come face-to-face with the technicalities. However, on the looks and cosmetics we approve 7/10 in the preview here.

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