Rolls Royce Celebrates a decade of Phantom

Rolls Royce has something more to celebrate this New Year. Company’s Good wood assembly plant has now completed its 10 years. This is the plant that first delivered Phantom back in 2003. The Rolls Royce Phantom Saloon is the sixth generation of the legend dry Phantom brand of cars.

At the time of the launch production of Phantom was noted as “the last greatest adventure in the history of automobile”. Initially Rolls Royce made single car each day but later it was increased to 3 by the end of 2003. Currently the production stands with two car ranges; Ghost and Phantom and six models. A row of craftsman and women hand made about 20 cars each day. In 2011, Rolls Royce witnessed second consecutive sales record and the best results in the 107 year history of the company.

The incredible response to the company’s portfolio has been excitingly overwhelming and positive throughout the decade of business. Each new model has been appreciated and has attracted a lot of audiences and had grabbed tons of awards in design and luxury category. Company’s growing network has been providing effortless experience to the customers throughout the world.

Rolls Royce Celebrates a decade of Phantom

The company commenced with the workforce of about and now hires about 1400 people at the Good wood plant. More than 100 new jobs were created in the 2012 alone. The company has invested highly in the upcoming talent via its graduate, apprenticeship and internship programs. Nearly all the workers live around the plant only and a staff turnover is lowest in the industry.

Company has made significant positive impact on the local area and British economy also with over 90 percent of the cars being built for export. Investment has also been increased to the plant with the new manufacturing area coming up just in time. This will help the company to tackle increasing worldwide demands and in building highly personalized version of the Phantom and Ghost models.

CEO, Rolls Royce Motor Cars, Mr. Torsten Muller-Otvos said that Rolls Royce has become the synonym for the success and company is quite proud to celebrate the decade of the automotive excellence. The revival of the world’s most famous auto brand and the development of the Rolls Royce home have proved to be an extra ordinary successful journey. He further congratulated the Rolls Royce team at its Goodwood plant and around the world for their passion and the spirit of Rolls Royce. He also added that together they can look ahead for the next decade with greater optimism and faith.

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