Team AXLR8 climbing up the ranks with each passing year

With the thought of bringing motorsport culture to Indian soil, team AXLR8 is consistently climbing up the ladder in the International Formula event for student that is being organized by the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers).

AXLR8 has been organizing; racing and a designing Formula car at the Tech Fest ‘Tryst’ in IIT Delhi for some time now and has been a consistent performer at the Formula SAE event. In 2007, the team competed for the Formula SAE in West California Speedway in US for the first time and took the 58th position out of a total of 80 teams. The next very year team competed in the Formula SAE event organized in UK and took 54th spot out of 80 teams that participated.

Team AXLR8 climbing up the ranks with each passing year

Due to some financial problems in the year 2011 the team took a break but again it bounced back on the track with the Formula SAE 2012 and took 70th spot out of the 150 teams that participated the event. AXLR8 is now focusing on climbing up the ranking and is working hard to give a better performance at the F1 SAE 2013 in Italy.

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