Rolls-Royce Confirms Crossover Officially

How it could be possible for Rolls-Royce to be working on a crossover or SUV for its buyers. Well, it’s now a reality that this British automaker had finally waived the green flag for building a crossover in an official letter. Reporting it to be a ‘high bodied car’ that will be able to able to ‘cross any terrain’, reflects the company is refraining to say it as a crossover or a SUV, after all it is a matter of prestige and tempts it to not stand in line with everyone else. Hence, nothing can be confirmed at this point of time until the fresh set of spy-shots would arrive. But it is said for sure the vehicle will be pinned with a new platform underneath.

Describing more about it, the British carmaker has said it to be marking the exceptional presence and elegance. Designing it on the clients’ demand, it seems the Rolls-Royce too wants to be flowed with the stream. Bentley Bentayga will be its ultimate rival to take on the roads (or off-road) in future.

Rolls-Royce Confirms Crossover Officially

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