Royal Enfield Bullet Genuine Accessories | Bullet 350 | Bullet 500 |

Royal Enfield Bullet Genuine Accessories | Bullet 350 | Bullet 500 |

Have a look at all the genuine accessories available for your Royal Enfield Bullet 350 & 500. We have provided details including the part number and price for all Royal Enfield Bullet Genuine Accessories.

List of must have accessories for your Royal Enfield Bullet

Silver Headlight Visor

This headlight visor is made of steel and comes with a warranty of 2 years from the OEM. It can be installed in just 20 minutes. This part is also compatible with other Royal Enfield bikes like Classic, Thunderbird & Thunderbird X.  


  • Rs 250
  • Part No. 1990625

Black Headlight Grille

The grille is made of ABS plastic and it protects the headlights from rock and debris. Not only does this act as a safety accessory but also works as a cosmetic update of your bike. 


  • Rs 1200
  • Part No. 1990664

Black Touring Mirror

The Royal Enfield marked mirrors are fully homologated to be valid replacements. They have been forged and machined with aluminium stems to offer strength and stability. They are even compatible with Interceptor, Continental GT & all other Royal Enfields.


  • Rs 6850
  • Part No. 1990454


These handguards give you the confidence to ride through any terrain. It provides cover for the levers in case of a fall and prevents fatigue while riding against the wind. These handguards are only compatible with the OEM handlebars.


  • Rs 2250
  • Part No. 1990211

Silver-Chrome Octagon Engine & Leg Guard

This Engine guard protects the engine in case of a fall, it also protects your legs in case of a head-on collision. It is made of a 32 mm steel tube offering strong build quality and comes with a 2-year warranty.  This guard is also available in black colour, at a lesser price.


  • Rs 2900
  • Part No. 1990634
  • Rs 2450
  • Part No. 1990601

Silver Airfly Engine Guard

For extra protection, you can even choose the silver airfly engine guard. This guard is also available in black colour at a lesser price. 


  • Rs 3750
  • Part No. 1990633
  • Price 3550
  • Part No. 1990600

Black Trapezium Engine Guard

The Trapezium engine guard with its angular styling gives your motorcycle a unique look while adding a layer of protection. Made from a 32 mm mild steel tube, it comes with dual-coating for corrosion resistance. It is precisely engineered to fit and has Royal Enfield branding on the upright tubes.     


  • Rs 2100
  • Part No. 1990602

Silver Oil Filler Cap

 This oil filler cap is machined from billet aluminium and has a separately branded infill to be fitted last, thus keeping the Royal Enfield logo always positioned as intended. The filler cap is also available in black.


  • Rs 900
  • Part No. 1990613

Black Touring Dual Seat

The stylish and comfortable touring seat benefits from the use of 3D net technology to evenly distribute weight for increased comfort over long distances. Subtle Royal Enfield branding lends it a touch of style.


  • Rs 3900
  • Part No. 1990606

Tappet Covers 

Available in both black and silver.


  • Rs 900
  • Part No. 1990615

Aluminum Sump Guard

If you frequently travel on rough roads and the underbelly of your bike brushes against the rough roads, then you should definitely consider getting this protection sump guard for your bike.


  • Rs 2950
  • Part No. 1990739

Body Cover

The last accessory on our list is the protective bike body cover. The cover is available in both black and blue colour options. 


  • Rs 1100
  • Part No. 1990642

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