Royal Enfield Meteor 350 Genuine Accessories | Royal Enfield | Genuine Motorcycle Accessories

Royal Enfield Meteor 350 Genuine Accessories | Royal Enfield | Genuine Motorcycle Accessories

Own a Royal Enfield Meteor? We have curated the best accessories for your favourite bike. Have a look at Royal Enfield Meteor 350 Accessories alongwith their details, part numbers and pricing. Do let us know if you already own any or plan to buy which accessories out of the ones shared here.

Royal Enfield Meteor 350 Genuine Accessories:


To add a little practicality to your Royal Enfield Meteor, you could modify your bike with the black commuter panniers. These ABS based plastic panniers not only enhance the visual appearance of your two-wheeler but also serve their purpose. These panniers have a capacity of 12.5 litres and come with a locking system, to keep your valuables safe. These panniers are only offered in black colour and they come with a warranty of 3 years. This accessory is also compatible with the Royal Enfield Classic 350. 

These Panniers can be installed in just fifteen minutes, however, you will have to purchase the mounting rails separately, for the installation. The Rails are available with Royal Enfield at a cost of Rs 2200. 

Pannier Rails Rs 2200/ Part No. KXA00042

Waterproof Pannier Bags

Designed to fit the black commuter panniers, the waterproof roll-top bag is made of nylon webbed PVC material, which helps you keep your valuables safe from the uncertain and unforgiving weather, during long rides. It comes with a single strap which also doubles up as a carry handle for the bag. 

Waterproof Bag Rs 1150/ Part No. KXA00082

OEM Exhaust System 

To transform the riding experience of your Royal Enfield Meteor, you can customise your bike’s exhaust system for an enhanced performance and exhaust note from the engine. These Exhaust systems offer a deep rumble exhaust note, which is linked to the Royal Enfield Bullet. These exhausts are designed in compliance with noise and pollution norms, so you will not be troubled by the cops and will not end up with heavy fines. These exhausts have been rigorously tested for their durability and reliability, to ensure the safe running conditions of the engine in all environments. The Exhaust tips get a debossed branding of the Royal Enfield logo, for a discrete branding and a mark of genuineness. The exhaust system is built of stainless steel and it comes in two shades, black and silver.

 The Royal Enfield offers their exhaust system with various exhaust tip designs, such as 

  • Tapered
  • Straight Cut 
  • Black & Silver  

You’ve got good news coming your way if you get bored with your customisations too soon. Royal Enfield offers adaptable exhaust tips of all these designs to offer you a chance to revamp your bike’s appearance on a budget, without the need of replacing the entire exhaust system. 

These exhaust tips are affordable too, at Rs 650 they are one of the cheapest ways to change the look of your exhaust system. 

Tapered Silencer Rs 4500/ Part no. KXA00120

Engine Guard

The engine guards are made out of thick mild steel tubes with a dual coating, for corrosion resistance. This guard not only protects the engine from impacts but also adds to the styling of the Royal Enfield motorcycles. The guard comes with an engraved upright branding of Royal Enfield, highlighting the genuineness of the accessory. 

Royal Enfield offers a plethora of design and colour options to choose your engine guard. The engine guards are primarily available in either a compact or a large design. Further, they are available in shades of silver and black. 

The large-sized engine guards are available with designs like the, 

 Air fly Engine Guards which are priced at Rs 4500, Airfly Evo which are priced at Rs 3600, Octagon Engine Guard priced at Rs 2950 & Lastly, the Trapezium Engine Guard which is priced at Rs 2950.    

Airfly Engine Guard: Rs 3100/Part No. 1990406
Octagon Engine Guard Rs 2800/Part No. 1990408
Airfly Evo Engine Guard Rs 3600/ Part No. KXA00003
Trapezium Engine Guard Rs 3350/Part No. 1990407

Silver Sump Guard

If you use your Meteor for long touring and occasionally encounter a rough patch of roads, then you should definitely consider getting this sump guard, as it will protect your engine sump and lower frame tubes from damaging impacts from high-speed breakers, kerbs, rocks etc. The mounting brackets of the sump guard come with rubber mounts, to dampen the vibrations.  The sump guard comes in a brushed aluminium finish, which complements the styling of the Meteor. This sump guard is also compatible with the Royal Enfield Classic 350. 

Silver Sump Guard Rs 3100/Part No. KXA00651

Tinted Flyscreen 

For a comfortable ride and protection from the windblast over highway rides, you can consider getting the tinted flyscreen visor. Royal Enfield, has designed these visors to add a retro look to your Meteor while keeping you protected. 

The tinted flyscreen is recommended for riders who ride mostly within city limits and use the highways very rarely, but if that’s not the case and you spend a lot of time munching miles over the highways at high speed, then you should consider the long touring flyscreen, which offers much more wind protection than the short flyscreen. 

Tinted Flyscreen Rs 2350/ Part No.KXA00063

Pleated Seat Covers 

To secure your stock seats from damaging elements, you can cover them with these vinyl-based pleated seat covers. These covers are available in shades of black and brown. These covers are available with Royal Enfield for just Rs 1050 and they even come with a 3 year warranty period. 

Pleated Seat-Cover Rs 1050/ Part No. KXA00135

Touring Seat

If you’re into long-distance touring,  then you can make your rides much more comfortable by investing in touring seats. These touring seats are specially designed for long-distance journeys, as they use a thicker foam than the stock seats for extra comfort. They offer extra lumbar and base support too. The seats come with a  3D net technology for even weight distribution over long distances. The seats also offer a richer look with the use of classic leatherette material and a stitched Royal Enfield logo. 

Royal Enfield has been thoughtful of the pillion as well, as they offer a similar well-cushioned touring seat for the passenger. These seats are also available in brown colour. 

Black Touring Seat Rs 3950/ Part No. KXA00073

Passenger Backrest

If your pillion has always been complaining about the lack of comfort at the rear seat, this would be the right time to invest in a backrest. Similar to the design of Royal Enfield Thunderbird, the brand has styled a backrest specifically for the Meteor. The frame of this backrest is built of cast aluminium with an embossed Royal Enfield logo at the back. However, it does not come with a backrest pad and you will have to purchase that separately. 

The pads are available with Royal Enfield at a cost of Rs 1050, these are available in black and brown colour options. 

Passenger Backrest Rs 2500/Part No. KXA00086
Backrest Pad Rs 1050 /Part no. KXA00088

Black Touring Mirrors 

To complete the touring look on your Meteor, you can replace the stock mirrors with the black touring mirrors. These are billet machined and they offer better stability and visibility than the stock ones. The touring mirrors are compatible with the stock handlebars. 

But if you wish for a retro and different look, you can opt for the bar end mirrors, which are installed unconventionally into the handlebars. These mirrors will need additional installation mounts, which are available with Royal Enfield for just Rs 650. 

Touring Mirror: Rs 6850/ Part No. 1990454
Bar End Mirror Rs 6450/ Part No. 1990401

Low Rider Seat 

If you find the stock seats and their height a little higher than your comfortable riding height, then you can replace your stock seats with the low rider seats. These seats offer a reduction of 11mm in height and come with the same 3D technology as used in the touring seats, to offer the plush and comfortable riding experience. These seats are available in two shades, black and brown. 

Low Rider Seat Rs 2950/ Part No. KXA00065


To add comfort to your long touring journeys you can replace the stock footpegs with these deluxe footpegs, which offer a wider & larger footprint for extra comfort. The rubber material used in these footpegs dampens more vibrations than the stock ones. These footpegs are not only available for the rider but are also available for the passenger seat. These footpegs are available in shades of silver and black.

Deluxe Footpegs Rs 2650/ Part No. KXA00030

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