Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Genuine Accessories | Genuine Motorcycle Accessories |

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Accessories | Genuine Motorcycle Accessories |

Check out the genuine accessories available for your Royal Enfield Interceptor 650. All the accessories covered in this video are genuine accessories from Royal Enfield. We have mentioned the price and part numbers of all Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Accessories.

Accessories for your Royal Enfield Interceptor 650

Compact Engine Guard

The compact engine guard is made out of 25mm mild steel tubes with a dual coating for corrosion resistance. This guard not only protects the engine from impacts but also adds to the styling of the touring motorcycle. The guard comes with an engraved upright branding of Royal Enfield. 

If black seems too subtle, Royal Enfield also offers the compact engine guard in a shade of polished silver. For enhanced protection, Royal Enfield is also offering a larger sized engine guard at a slight premium. The larger sized engine guards are also available in two shades, black and silver. 

Swingarm Bobbins

If you use a paddock stand for cleaning and maintenance purposes, then you can opt for these machined aluminium swing-arm bobbins, which help you place your bike over the paddock stands. The swing arms get a bright white Royal Enfield branding for a stylish look. 

Silver Sump Guard

If you use your interceptor 650 for long touring and occasionally encounter a rough patch of roads, then you should definitely consider getting this sump guard, as it will protect your engine sump and lower frame rails from damaging impacts from high-speed breakers, rocks etc. The sump guard comes in a brushed aluminium finish, which complements the styling of the Interceptor. 

Tinted Flyscreen 

For a comfortable ride and protection from the windblast over highway rides, you can consider getting the tinted flyscreen visor. Royal Enfield, has designed these visors to add a retro look to your Interceptor while keeping you protected. 

The short flyscreen is recommended for riders who ride mostly within city limits and occasionally use the highways, but if that’s not the case and you spend a lot of time munching miles over the highways at high speed, then you should consider the long flyscreen, which offers much more wind protection than the short flyscreen. These fly screens are available in more colour options, such as black & white. 

Touring Seat

If you’re into long-distance touring,  then you can make your rides much more comfortable by investing in touring seats. These touring seats are specially designed for long-distance journeys, as they use a thicker foam than the stock seats for extra comfort. The seats also come with a  3D net technology for even weight distribution over long distances. The seats also offer a retro look with the use of classic ribbed vinyl and a stitched Royal Enfield logo. 

Fork Gaitors

If you want people to notice from a mile away that you’re into long touring and off-roading, you should definitely customize your Interceptor with these gaitors for your front suspension forks. These gaiters are not just cosmetic but also a protective upgrade for your Interceptor, as they protect the suspension forks from stones and debris. 

Air Intake Cover

For a beefy and stealth look, the Interceptor 650 can be customized with black air intake covers. The stock intake covers are offered with the brushed finishing as compared to these stylish powdered coated black intake covers. These covers are made out of mild steel, so durability is not a thing to worry about here. These intake covers are also compatible with the Royal Enfield Continental GT 650. 

Master Cylinder Reservoir Cap 

To add a styling element to your Interceptor, you can upgrade your front master cylinder reservoir cap. These caps are machined from billet aluminium and they come with an anodized finish for long term durability and styling. The reservoir cap is available in shades of black & silver.

Handlebar Clamp

You can upgrade your stock handlebar clamps with these black clamps which are built out of machined aluminium. This clamp also comes with a Royal Enfield branding for additional styling. This clamp comes with a 3-year warranty and can be installed in just fifteen minutes. 

Handlebar Brace Pad

Speaking of quick installation, you can install these handlebar brace pads in just five minutes in your Interceptor for added styling. These come padded with foam, branded cover and a 2 year warranty.

Price and Part Number of Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Accessories:

Body Cover: Rs 1100/Part No. 1990642

Tinted Short Flyscreen: Rs 1850/ Part No. 1990413

Tinted Tall Flyscreen: Rs 2150/ Part No. 1990414

Black Fork Gaitors: Rs 850/ Part No. 1990405

Swingarm Bobbins: Rs 900/ Part No. 1990415

Suspension Finishers: Rs 1250/Part No. 1990445

Black Touring Seat: Rs 4950/ Part No. 1990482

Black Intake Cover: Rs 1350/ Part No. 1990442

Black Handlebar Clamp: Rs 1950/ Part No. 1990446

Front Reservoir Cap: Rs 800/ Part No. 1990652

Black Touring Mirror: Rs 6850/ Part No. 1990454

HandleBar Brace Pad: Rs 600/ Part No. 1990496

Silver Oil Filler Cap: Rs 1050/Part No. 1990236

Black Touring Dual: Seat Rs 3900/Part No. 1990482

Silver Sump Guard: Rs 2500/Part No. 1990423

Black Compact Engine Guard: Rs 2800/Part No. 1990408

Silver Large Engine Guard: Rs 3350/Part No. 1990407

Silver Compact Engine Guard: Rs 3100/Part No. 1990406

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