Surat Auto Expo 2011 – an Indiandrives visit

It is a pleasure to say that Indiandrives were present at the Surat Auto Expo 2011 and have come back with pleasant memories of the same. The trip was more memorable because, we all being car lovers traveled via road in a Toyota Innova, the perfect companion. The Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized Surat Auto Expo 2011 started from 8th April 2011 and concludes today. The venue for the same is Sarsana, Althan Road, Surat, Gujarat. Not only were many car brands present at this show, there was also a huge buzz around the after market installations plus gas kits and the likes. Firstly kudos to the venue for being spacious and airy. We have noticed that whenever such expos are held, the venue eventually becomes a baking pan. Not so for this show. The very fact that even after spending almost the entire day there, we didn’t break into a sweat.

Major automobile manufacturers like Maruti Suzuki, Tata Motors, Hyundai and Ford were present there. Luxury car manufacturers like Audi, BMW and also the likes of Volkswagen and Toyota were present. Conspicuous by their absence were Volvo Motors, Nissan, Chevrolet and Mercedes.  The only thing disappointing was that there wasn’t enough representation from the bikes end. Only Bajaj with its entire range of motorcycles including the Ninja were present. The Surat Auto Expo 2011 boasted of having a very spacious parking lot and a big canteen to accommodate all the people. We have managed snippets from one of the Sales Managers in Bentley Motors’ Indian operations and he gave us an exclusive detailed walkaround of the Bentley Mulssane. More on that and the coverage of vehicles from individual manufacturers coming up here. Watch this space for more.

One thought on “Surat Auto Expo 2011 – an Indiandrives visit

  1. The selection of the venue was excellent due to its space. Watched YETI dare devil drive.The Audi & Volkswagon podiums are excellent.

    A lot of dissappointment for bike lovers like us sans the Ninja. Let’s hope for a better show next time.

    Thanks a lot

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