Audi cars at the 2011 Surat Auto Expo covered by IndianDrives team

The first manufacturer that we see, the moment we enter the arena is Vorsprung Durch Technik or rather Audi and man what a display they had on. Except for the Audi A6 and Audi Q5, each and every car in their lineup was on display. However as expected, the general public weren’t allowed to check the cars up close and personal. However being from the press has its own merits with the fact that we were allowed to check out each and every car out there on display. Parthiv Barot, the Sales Manager at Audi Ahmedabad was courteous enough to let us inside the barricade and was also quite cool in giving us all his gyaan about the different Audi cars on display.

Starting with the Audi TT, the cute roadster was the connoisseur of all the eyes and grabbed the maximum eyeballs. Its sleek form plus the traditional roadster silhouette was pleasing to look at. Inside, the car reeked of traditional Audi qualities like good build quality and use of high quality materials. The head space on offer for a 6 footer like me was commendable. Not that we haven’t seen the TT in flesh earlier but this time around it was something special, something which I couldn’t place exactly but it still was there.

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Next up was the Audi A4. Now, it would be surprising if I say that the Audi A4 in India cabin is not that luxurious and it feels somewhat Spartan compared to the TT. But the truth is that I wasn’t impressed at all by its cabin. There was that multitronic transmission on offer. Leg space ain’t that bad even for a 6 footer at the back but would be a touch too cramped on shoulder room if one were to seat three along.. If leg space is what one is bargaining in an Audi, then they have to go right in for the Audi A6 and the A8. Unfortunately even the A6 was something which wasn’t there on display.

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The A8L, the 2011 edition however was present and it had a black roof whereas the rest of the body was in white trim. If at all, one wants to experience luxury, I would say that don’t look further away from the Audi A8L. In a recent comparison we had deemed the Audi as the new luxury king and it stands. The ambient mood lighting is sure to lift up the moods of any tycoon or business conglomerate for that matter. The only thing which, according to me, sticks out like a sore thumb is the gear lever. It is more like that of a luxury yacht and not seemingly fit on this car. However it does make it look unique though. Rear seat space and the controls are very good and futuristic looking.

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Last but not the least is the Audi Q7 with its XXL size dimensions. If you want space and a more intimidating car than the Audi A8L, then the Q7 is the one for you. Not only does it boast of similar space but more seats in the bargain as well. Not to mention that the owner ends up with saving some cash for a tankful. The dash looks highly functional however it is the middle row that takes the cake away with its very good sense of space all around. The third row is something which am not sure of, regarding the space and this I am purely talking from my point of view. Interesting is the fact that the ARAI certified mileage of the Audi Q7 3.0 TDI is 9.78 kmpl.

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