Tata Motors Jamshedpur Plant goes on Block Closure for 3 Days

Tata Motors has started a three day block closure at their Jamshedpur plant in order to bring their production in accordance with the demand and to maintain the proper ecosystem of the plant.

The current block closure at the Jamshedpur plant is second in just 15 days of time. Tata Motors has already initiated a week long closure at the plant in the last week of December 2012 that took it to about 15 days of total block closure in year 2012, According to the General Secretary of Telco Workers Union, Chandrabhan Singh.

Chandraban Singh told that the block closure is in accordance with the slow demand and to control the cost. Tata used to produce about 10,000 units on monthly basis but for the last month it has only produced about 4,000 units and company is expecting the same figure for the current month also.

Tata Motors Jamshedpur Plant goes on Block Closure for 3 Days

Company will be adjusting the attendance status of the block closure with the 50 percent from the employee’s leave and the rest will be upheld by the company itself.

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