Tata Nano Diesel Spotted Testing Again, More Detail Revealed

Spy in the automotive industry had increased tremendously! To be true we had also forgotten that how many times they had spied Tata Nano diesel doing tests rounds on Indian roads. However, now we managed to get another sets of Nano diesel images and it seem this one is quite different from the rest. Seeing these sets of snaps, we came to know a lot more details that were not bestowed in the previous attempts.

As the new details says, derived from the shot of opened bonnet, vehicle will continue to hold the spare wheel and fuelling point in front only, which moreover will be like that of petrol version itself i.e. un-open-able. And cosmetically, new rear bumpers to be embellished on it for re-structuring the big engine in its bay, whilst of the exhaust tip to shift on right from centre.

Tata Nano diesel
As the engine will be of 800cc, Tata will also employ a turbocharger in it, that will then again fetch the automaker a title of ‘world’s first’, and this time for being the smallest diesel engine to have a turbocharger. Turbocharger will be driven from Honeywell, and expectedly ARAI may translate such engineered efforts from Tata stable into eye catching fuel efficiency of “40kmpl”. Hope, now really the motorbike segment in India is going to face an immense trash by Tata Nano in diesel form that was failed earlier due to the unexpected strides of industry.

Tata Nano

Image Courtesy – Motorbash.com

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