Mahindra Officially Teases Verito Vibe, Launch Tomorrow

Verito Vibe is going to be the ‘new’ face of Mahindra in a near future, which the carmaker now had teased it officially on their various social media bays. Vibe that is going to launch tomorrow, had led the carmaker hoping for high on it so as to derive a fatter market share in down the line segment. The teaser image conveys only hatchback body style whilst of the whole poster is completely tampered with black color.

However, taking cues from the spy shots, we learnt boot is hinged at the bottom of rear windshield and also the tail lights are embedded on C pillar, which is reclining the rear appearance a bit tad than the overall outlook. If seen wholly, the rear section itself is differentiated from the conventional Verito, while rests of them are all same. Engine is speculated to be drawn from the elder sibling Verito, spinning an admirable output under the badge of Renault (borrowed) K9K diesel. But we hope a new tune of setting to fling the jag of this hatchback, because drifting the compact aerodynamics in tight corners would then become an easy task for a pilot.

Mahindra Teases Verito Vibe
As we had kept saying again and again, Vibe will be most probably target the taxi unions for all that thick market shares, as because the official order from government’s machinery had cancelled plying of all the 20 years old taxis on Mumbai streets, which is being applied from this August onwards. Moreover, we think the launch of this newbie may prove a boon for this India based carmaker.

Mahindra Officially Teases Verito Vibe
Expected the price to go Rs. 5.30 lakh (ex showroom) at base model, sources too claimed that no petrol variant lays in the list for now, but may soon add a one seeing to the market demands.

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