Tata Nano is the Boost of Efficiency: Used Car Review

Tata is very much famous for the unconventional traits, and believably it had succeeded in many of the paths using same. Nano from the stable of this carmaker is one such example, and hence is quite famous for the initial tagging of ‘Rs. 1 lakh car’. Though, it wasn’t costing that much at the time of roll out, but perception of Ratan Tata for making this vehicle was conducted to same while putting it down on the drawing board.

Due to the various issues that have cropped during the setup of a new plant for Nano, price of the world’s cheapest vehicle was almost raised by an additional 50% at the time of launch. Moreover to the prices, Tata too was compelled to make compromises on the quality, and as a result had deployed fiber body instead of steel, because of the risen input cost and the tremendous delay in launch dates. Postponed launching had also played spoilsport for avoiding the depletion of craving fanfare.

Debuted in 2009, and almost four years till date, Nano is still running successfully on Indian roads. It too had grabbed the title of world’s cheapest car when launched. But it still not had achieved the perception of a fully fledged bug in India. The ongoing struggle in market is now bringing some positive results to the desk of Tata officials. For some it maybe an auto rickshaw bunched with an added wheel, but engineers at R&D had worked day and night to make it a clear of piece of car from every angle. It was then again reworked in ‘2012’ and a new version was rolled out with more refinements during the same year.

Tata Nano

Losing out the dream for an expensive price tag of Rs. 1,40,000 on the launch date, now one can buy Tata Nano for an expected (i.e. near about) price of Rs. 1,00,000 in the ‘Used Car Segment’. In actual, Indian carmaker hadn’t achieved the tag of ‘world’s cheapest car’ on Nano at the time of roll out, but as said in the used car arena it is now been respected to that specific proverb very aggressively.

Compact dimensions, enough of interior space, and the peppy engine, makes Nano worth giving a preference when buying a new/used car. Though it did not have all those glamour and lavishing factors, which the other car of this segment has, but it has practicality at the most to cover all the cons of those stylish boffins on a stubborn platform. Top-of-line version of Nano was gulped down with the power windows and AC initially; this was the only trim in market which was considered more than others while looking out for the particular badge. At that time it had summed up the tagging of Rs. 2 lakh but hopefully we can say, automaker had succeeded in selling this particular trim in spite of lugging the high necked price tag.

Tata Nano Used Car

Well, after failing to reach the desired number in other of the variants, Tata then putted Nano under the claims of 4 year/60,000 km warranty. This now sweetens the tea for world’s cheapest vehicle in new as well as used car segment. Used car plethora is benefitted in the way as, vehicles which were produced even in the earlier days of production still falls under the criteria of company’s official warranty. There maybe some of the exceptional cases, but most of them tend to be in the cover of warranty itself. Here we say do go for the warranty, don’t settle yourself for less price tag in the trade off against expired warranty period.

Nano is enormously boasted of compact dimension which is good enough for driving in the city; whereas one can also drive it on highway very efficiently but we did not suggest you to take a long stretch on those open lanes. Maximum, Nano can cruise safely at the speed of 80-85 kmph on highways, whereas the official acclamation says a top notch of 106 kmph is possible on the same badge. Powered with 624cc petrol motor, Nano is quite good for the 35-37 bhp output and is complementing enough to return efficiency of 14.5 to 19.5m kmpl respectively to the drives of cities and highways. Space too is cranked sufficiently for the four seats with all comfort possibilities. Comparing both of the Nano against each other, i.e. pre and post 2012 models, new one is a whole lot of refinements. There were some serious lackings in the old generation. However, newbie was tweaked cosmetically but the things that refinements now hold are like comfortable seating arrangement, better driving experience and many more bits replaced here and there, which are generous in nature.

Used Tata Nano

That’s not all; Ace card is still under cover which we are going to reveal now. One may be thinking why we had thought of putting Nano in the used car segment, is it worth buying? To your answer we say “Yes”. The ace card that we had spoken above is the “Maintenance Cost”. We hope, in spite of being world’s cheapest car, Tata had not kept any provision to earn huge profits from its spare parts industry. Spares too are slated the cheapest against any of the given segment. Adding once again, 4year/60,000 kms warranty is also there to beef you up in the tempting corner of saved money so ‘just buy and drive’ is the mantra here for Nano. Tyre are the ones that gets worn out after every 18,000 kms, too early than expected, and the new ones will not pinch you harder than the sum of Rs. 2,200 each. Even punting at the clutch overhaul, it will not be as tough as the Rs. 1,600 replacement cost. We must say, the hatchbacks must be feeling ashamed while looking at the spares costing of Nano. There too the electrical dysfunctions are reported, but hopefully Tata Motors is there to look after it, as had been given down a long cover of stretched out warranty. Let’s inform you one more thing; our sources have claimed that, starter motor had been announced for a recall on the models produced in between 2009-2010, tempting for the replacement of same. It was found breaking down every now and then due to fewer loads bearing capacity. Now the carmaker had replaced it with a heavy-duty one so no more complaint is been founded in the further strata. Check for the service history whether the car has attended recall or not. Owing to the small 25Ah battery, some owners had also came in running with the complaints regarding, battery losing its potency earlier than the expected time. We tell you, the organization had ordered it keeping in mind the standard fitments, and not the aftermarket bought accessories. So if one puts down the highly charged music system and other such comforts on it then it is for sure that the battery is going to run out much before than the expected duration. We also term, don’t avoid embedding those additions on your personalized Nano, but be ready to give in the battery replacement as soon as it gets over. It costs a mere Rs. 3,000 only, we hope it’s not a big issue on the pockets if had bought some exclusive aftermarket material to accessorize the car.


Apart from the mentioned drawbacks, Tata Nano is worth buying a one in the used car segment. Low maintenance cost and a subtle day to day running-expenditure makes it pocket friendly for every person in India who can own a bike. Making a bike owner to switch from his two-wheeled to the four-wheeled was the actual marketing strategy of Tata Motors, which is the only core intention of Ratan Tata when he thought of Nano in his mindset while looking at a couple with two children who were getting drenched in the rains on scooter. And we see, he had succeeded in the same, but though it is a different matter that sales number aren’t proving it rightly. Hopefully, upcoming Nano diesel will definitely fill in the gaps that are now left wide opened in the ‘mileage’ preferring country, lest of the effective buyout cost. Hence, it’s being a compacted aerodynamics so the bike owners need not to worry about niggling in and out of the tight corners. A handy yet the efficient buyout punch, suits better for Nano.

Tata Nano Back View

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