Tata Nexon AMT Details Revealed will be launched next month

Tata Nexon AMT Details Revealed

Details of the upcoming Tata Nexon AMT variant have been revealed. The car will be launched sometime next month and will only be available in the XZA+ trim. External difference would include only the AMT badge at the rear and except that there is nothing which differentiates the AMT version from the standard manual variant.

The AMT variant will have a six-speed automatic manual transmission mated to both the 110Hp 1.2-liter diesel and petrol engines. The engines also come with the same multi-drive modes – Eco, City and Sport; the AMT’s manual transmission mode automatically shifts the engine’s driving mode to Sport.

In addition, the gearbox also comes with hill assist and creep functions to aid in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

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