Toyota Fortuner vs. Maruti Ertiga vs. Ford EcoSport: A Comparison

The exquisite Toyota Fortuner was duly launched in the early months of 2012. Sales began impounding and the designs of the vehicle began to lure enumerable populace worldwide. The myriad sport utility vehicle (SUV) enthusiasts were in praises for its design and specifications. Ford EcoSport and Maruti Ertiga are also into the fray.

Though not so promising in terms of quality pressed upon for a particular price, the variants in the specifications of the 5 models of Toyota Fortuner keep luring people to large extents. The car is entailing a host of savant buyers who resort to Toyota Fortuner for refined delights with enumerable diesel versions. Many prefer diesel to petrol as a choice for fuel and Toyota Fortuner is sure to lure such buyers to large extents.

How exquisite is Toyota Fortuner?

The best part about the exquisite Toyota Fortuner is the initial glimpse; the astute reflection of bulkiness is vehement in the bigger elder siblings, the inveterate Toyota Prado and the innovatively gigantic Toyota Land Cruiser. The revised, macho look obtained in 2012 is surely momentous and shall bring in individuals from myriad fronts. Available chromes upfront and innovative novelties viz. headlamps and myriad spherical fog lamps are luring indeed! Over and above, features pertaining to transparency of the fascinating series of bumper lines and muscularly aerodynamic body makes the vehicle luring and in great recognition among people, worldwide.

Toyota Fortuner

The interiors of Toyota Fortuner are also relishing; ample spaces and amazing levels of comforts, amazingly luxurious upholstery and a not-so-distraught pricing makes the experience of riding such a car, intriguing. Besides higher placing of the driver’s podium and multi-information display based augmented visibility are surely turn-ons for myriad people.

2013 Maruti Ertiga

Besides maximal power of around 171ps is duly generated by the exquisite turbocharged engine of 4 cylinders, running on diesel at venerable torques especially of the peak of 343NM at rotations of around 1400-3200 rpms (revolutions per minutes) are worth mentioning. The Toyota Fortuner runs with its venerable 2982cc powertrain of diesel at around 8-9 kilometers per liter (kmpl) up to 11 kmpl in vividly jam packed area or location.

Ford EcoSport

As the boom is descending in the fiefdoms of utility vehicle markets, myriad incidental auto makers are duly attracting myriad buyers for best introductions. Compact utility cars are being used on a high. These cars exhibit efficacious fuel efficiency. The first compact car of sorts, EcoSport is all set to debut in the prevalent Indian auto-market.

Choosing between Ertiga and EcoSport:

Maruti Ertiga presents a tiff and competition in such a rat-race of vehicular juggernauts. Ertiga is hugely important; all and sundry knows about it in automotive parlances. The mercurial rise to pinnacle of EcoSport is due to be tested as it comes good with efficacy for the delightful patrons. Both the cars have some interesting factors which keep bemusing myriad automobile enthusiasts.

EcoSport does possess an exquisitely robust built design with trendy graphics and is certainly an efficient crossover to get fascinated by! The front profile of the car is exquisite — chrome front grilles, in built corner indicators and clear issuance of lights from the myriad headlights, sleek bonnet hood and luring fog lights which are properly chrome lined add to the profiles of EcoSport.

Toyota Fortuner Interior

The side profile of the car is pretty enough; chrome outlines shade the windows, the view of the car gets grand with profoundly stylish alloy wheels; door handles and ORVMs are body colored. Turn indicators are additional features. Interesting features like presence of spoilers at the rear ends, presence of stop lamp duly mounted and presence of chrome roof rails add to the picturesqueness of the EcoSport, in comparison with the sporty dynamics of LUV (light utility vehicle) Ertiga.

Maruti Ertiga interior

The outward profile is well trimmed; stylish cluster lamps are evident and so are in-built lamps intended to quell or cut through the fogs. Maruti Suzuki grille makes the front adorable; air-dam bumpers available in body colors make the profile of Maruti Ertiga gratifying. Real spoilers are present in the version of Ertiga as well. Exquisite smart side-view ostensible ORVMs are evident with sustainable turn indicators and presence of efficacious rear window wiper.

Ford Ecosport Interior

While the interiors of EcoSport possess varied compartmentalized inner doors and duly designed cluster of instruments inside, along with an extra helping of gear shift knobs, the ilk, Maruti Ertiga do possess lavish and comforting interiors. Controllable 2nd row of air conditioners, folding seats and sliding ones in the 2nd and 3rd rows are also appealing. The head rests provided are truly adorable.

Ford EcoSport shall be preferred:

While the EcoSport has a meager 1.0 liter petrol engine dubbed as EcoBoost and 1.5 liter diesel based engine, LUV (light utility vehicle) Ertiga possesses 1.4 liter and 1.3 liter petrol and diesel engines respectively. Ertiga and EcoSport are amicable for a nuclear family; at valued pricing, the EcoSport is the one people shall hanker after particularly because of its lavishness and robustness. These cars exhibit fuel efficiencies greater than 16, unlike Toyota Fortuner and thus EcoSport seems to be at an upper hand when it hits the roads.

Toyota Fortuner Back View

Moreover, Ford EcoSport is one of the highly anticipated car launches in 2013 in the Indian market. The maker is leaving no stone unturned in developing the eagerness with innovative advertisement drives and client interfaces. At the present, they have demonstrated the India-spec EcoSport in twelve select cities crosswise the nation. Before the introduction of the mini sport utility vehicle (SUV) by May-June, there will be a client experience drive where 100 individuals will get to enjoy the vehicle.

Maruti Ertiga Back View

The top end option will boast all the features that one anticipates from the company comprising an interactive Sync infotainment arrangement, push-button start and parking antennas.

Ford EcoSport Back View

We anticipate Ford to value the EcoSport in the Rs 5-8 lakh bracket.

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