2022 Maruti Suzuki Baleno Genuine Accessories | Chrome | Alloy Wheels | Fog Lamps | MSGA |

2022 Maruti Suzuki Baleno Genuine Accessories | Chrome | Alloy Wheels | Fog Lamps | MSGA |

We show you genuine accessories available for the 2022 Maruti Suzuki Baleno. You can check out Maruti Suzuki Baleno Genuine Accessories Store and the details of the part numbers of the accessories are covered in this video.

List of Maruti Suzuki Baleno Genuine Accessories

Bumper Corner Protector 

To protect the edges of the Baleno’s bumper, you can purchase the genuine bumper corner protector from Maruti Suzuki itself. These protectors are meant to be installed over the edges of the bumper protecting them from kerbs and minor scratches. These protectors come in gloss black finish and they are compatible with all the variants of the Baleno.  


  • Protects Bumper From Scratches

Window Sunshades

Since glass tints are considered to be an illegal modification in any car. The best way to keep your car cool during summers without attracting heavy fines is to install the window shades from Maruti Suzuki. These sunshades are specifically designed to fit the window panes of the Baleno for a perfect fitting. They perform remarkably well in keeping the harsh summer sunlight out of the cabin, helping in keeping the cabin temperature cooler. 

The best part about the sunshades is that they are removable and can be removed without any hassle.  

Maruti Suzuki is also offering a sunshade for the rear windshield, at an additional cost of Rs 550. 


  • Easy Installation & Removal
  • Keeps Cabin Cooler

All-Weather 3D Mats

To keep your car neat and clean all the time, you should definitely consider getting your Baleno a 3D hard rubber mat. it does not matter whether your car is used occasionally or as a daily workhorse, this accessory not only helps in keeping the car clean but also odour free. The fabric of the floor in the stock condition is not of hydrophobic material and it absorbs dust, dirt, grime and liquids. These absorbed particles later emit odour into the cabin, so to keep the car shining clean and fresh, do consider getting these mats. 

At an additional cost you can also purchase a similar 3D mat for your Baleno’s boot space. 

If you’re someone who loves flashing chrome on the roads, you’re in for a treat. As Maruti Suzuki has got a plethora of accessories in chrome finishing. 

Door Handle Garnish 

Starting with the door handle garnish, these offer a  distinct look to the Baleno and these can be installed on the Delta & Sigma variant. 

Apart from the Door Handle Garnish, you are offered- 

Body Side Moulding

The new Baleno has majorly changed in the front and the back, the side profile however remains similar to the previous generation of the model. To enhance the appeal of the side profile, Maruti Suzuki is offering a side moulding kit that can be installed on the body panels to fill up some space with aesthetic curved lines, offering a bolder look than before. 

Door Visor

if you frequently enjoy your drives in rain with windows down, you must definitely get a door visor for your car. The door visors are aerodynamically designed to fit the Baleno in such a way that you do not get the raindrops inside the cabin with windows down and still receive a smooth airflow. 

The Premium door visors come with a layer of steel insert for a sturdy installation. However, there is also an option for an affordable visor at Rs 1590. 


  • Aerodynamic Door Visors
  • Helpful In Rainy Weather

Rear Windshield Garnish

As seen on the previous generation of the Baleno, the latest model too gets the rear windshield garnish to flaunt that beefy chrome garnish. This rear windshield garnish can be installed across all variants of the Baleno.

Rear Skid Plate 

The rear skid plates are an add on to the rear bumper which decreases the height of the hatch from the backend, improving the overall stance of the Baleno. 

The Skid plates are now sportier than before as they are now highlighted with dark grey inserts over the midnight black painted panel. These skid plates too can be installed on all the variants of the Baleno. 

Similar styling is also available for the front bumper, as an underbody spoiler. It too comes with similar dark grey inserts over the midnight black finish.

Carbon Fiber ORVM

To sprinkle some sporty elements over the hatchback, the ORVM mirrors can be customised with an outer layer of carbon fibre to add to the sporty finesse of the hatch. 

Fog Lamps

 If you have purchased the variant of the Baleno which does not come with a fog lamp. worry not, as the brand offers it as an accessory. so you can install fog lamps and have better visibility on the road. These fog lamps come with their housing panel as well, the chrome garnish can also be seen on the panels, similar to the higher variants of the Baleno. 

Interior Styling Kits

To add some finesse to your interior space, you can buy the interior styling kits from Maruti Suzuki, which consist of designed plastic panels for doors and infotainment systems. This specific kit is named as techno geometric cross and can be installed on the Alpha variant of the Baleno. 

Seat Covers

Installing an additional layer of seat cover over the stock fabric, not only keeps it fresh and new but also adds to the owner’s personal taste and comfort. 

The best seat covers available for the Baleno from Maruti Suzuki are the Luxe Cityscape Finish, which comes at a cost of Rs 36,000, as they are made out of 100% genuine leather. However, if you’re looking for a seat cover under a budget. Maruti Suzuki has got your back. Their range of seat covers starts right from Rs 6000, but keep in mind at a fraction of the cost, you must be willing to compromise on the quality of fabric. As the much affordable ones do not come with 100% genuine leather. 

Alloy Wheels 

If you’ve settled with the lower variants of the Baleno which do not come with the alloy wheels. We recommend you to get original alloy wheels from Maruti Suzuki itself, as they are made out of a better quality of alloys than the cheap aftermarket alternatives. These alloy wheels will also give your ride a visual upgrade and make it look like a higher variant of the Baleno. The brand is offering two designs of alloy wheels for the new Baleno, a blacked-out 17-inch wheel and a machined alloy wheel, which is also offered in 17 inches. 


  • 17-Inch Blacked Out Alloy Wheels
  • 17-Inch Machined Alloy Wheels

Part Number:

Door Visor – 990J0M55TQ0-020
Fog Lamps – 990J0M55T11-010
Seat Covers – 990J0M55TB2-010
Alloy Wheels – 43210M55TA0-QC8
Rear Skid Plate – 990J0M55T07-050
Interior Styling Kits – 990J0M55TPJ-060
Carbon Fiber ORVM – 990J0M66RPJ-110
Window Sunshade – 990J0M55TU0-010
Body Side Moulding – 990J0M55T02-010
Door Handle Garnish – 990J0M56R13-230
All-Weather 3D Mats – 75901M55TF0
Rear Windshield Garnish – 990J0M55T07-120
Bumper Corner Protector – 990J0M55T17-010

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