SWOT Analysis of the New Maruti Suzuki Baleno 2022

SWOT Analysis of the New Maruti Suzuki Baleno 2022

In this video, we review the latest launch from the Maruti-Suzuki, the Baleno. We tell you all about the pricing, variants, features, specifications with perspective of Strenghts, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats of the New Maruti Suzuki Baleno.

Let us begin with the strengths of the Baleno.


  • Design

The designers at Maruti Suzuki have done a great job with the new Baleno. It is one of the few facelifted cars which look as good as the older generation. The ongoing model was bold and curvy in its design language. With the updated Baleno however, the designers have gone forward with the philosophy of sleek lines. The new headlamps and taillamps both are bigger and wider than before stretching up till the fenders, which makes the Baleno look bigger in proportions than before, which in reality isn’t the case. 

  • Features 

The new Baleno gets a few segment-first cool features like the Heads-Up-Display and 360-degree parking camera. While these are just the segment-first features, the list of comfort and convenience features isn’t too short. It gets a 9.0-inch touch infotainment system with Apple CarPlay & Android Auto connectivity. Further, the system offers premium acoustic tuning to enhance the audio immersion experience. It also gets a Cruise Control system for a comfortable cruising experience. The flat-bottom steering wheel gets tilt and telescopic adjustment. The windows on the Baleno offer UV protection, with the help of UV cut glasses. The rear passenger gets Type-A & Type-C charging port, along with rear AC vents.

  • Engine

The New Maruti Suzuki Baleno is powered by the same 1.2 L four-cylinder petrol engine which was seen in the outgoing model. While some buyers would have appreciated a newer engine with the facelift, this engine works just fine as it has already proven its worth and reliability over the years. It develops 90 HP & 113 Nm of torque, which is enough from the segment standards. The strongest suit of this engine is its reliability and fuel efficiency, which makes it one of the biggest strengths of the Baleno. 

  • Resale

It’s no hidden fact that Toyota and Maruti Suzuki are not only the best seller in a few of the segments, but they even dominate the used car market. Due to its reliability and cost-effective maintenance, vehicles of both brands always see a high demand in the used car market and hence it always offers a good payday, when you decide of parting ways with your car. The Baleno specifically has been a good performer in the hatchback segment, taking over the spot of the Swift.  


  • AMT Gearbox

The major weakness of the Baleno is the AMT automatic gearbox. The Baleno was earlier offered with a CVT automatic transmission, which in itself is not the best of gearbox that is available on the market. But with the new Baleno, the brand has ditched the CVT and offered the AMT instead. Now no matter how better the AMT gets, it can not compete with the CVT, torque converters or DCT gearboxes. So buyers looking out for a smooth automatic hatchback might be in for a disappointment.

  • No Diesel Engine

Due to BS-6 regulations, Maruti Suzuki had ditched their diesel engines from quite a few of its cars. The Baleno happens to be one of them. The Baleno is now only offered with one petrol engine. Although it returns a good fuel efficiency, enthusiasts who enjoy the torque of a diesel engine will not be happy with just a single powertrain option. 

  • Safety

Although the Balneo now comes with 6-airbags, a 360-degree parking camera and Isofix mounts for the baby seat. Maruti Suzuki’s are not the ideal car to think of when it comes to safety. It’s almost a month since the launch of the hatch and we still haven’t heard about any safety ratings yet, neither from the Global NCAP or the ASEAN NCAP. 


  • Digital Instrument Cluster 

Maruti Suzuki has borrowed quite a few features from their European models, but they still haven’t offered the digital instrument cluster. Considering the rivals have begun offering one, Maruti Suzuki should consider updating the Baleno with a digital instrument cluster. 

  • CVT Gearbox

To offer an exciting driving experience in the automatic variant, the brand should definitely think of offering the CVT or a torque converter in the Baleno. As this is the only hatchback to offer an AMT in this segment. 


  • Tata Altroz 

The Altroz poses a direct and serious threat to the Baleno, especially after the launch of the Dual-Clutch Automatic variant. The Altroz is a step ahead in almost every department, it is the safest in the segment with a 5-Star Safety rating, it is the only hatchback to a DCT gearbox in the segment. 

  • Hyundai i20

The i20 has always given a tough competition to the Baleno, now with a recent facelift, the i20 too has received major changes in terms of design language and feature list. Considering the offerings of the i20, it too poses a threat to the Maruti Suzuki Baleno. 


  • Segment First Feature: Heads-Up-Display & 360-Degree Parking Camera
  • 9.0-Inch Touch Infotainment System
  • Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Connectivity
  • Cruise Control
  • Flat Bottom Steering Wheel 
  • UV Cut Glasses
  • Rear AC Vents
  • Engine: 1.2 L Four Cylinder Petrol Engine
  • Power: 90 HP & 113 Nm Torque
  • No CVT Gearbox in the new Baleno 
  • Safety Features: 6-Airbags, 360-Degree Parking Camera  & Isofix Mounts

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