Datsun Go vs Maruti Alto K10 vs Hyundai Eon 1.0L: Specifications Comparison

The Value for Money segment witnessed heavy ups and downs in the recent past, after the launch of Datsun GO. To counter the effect, Hyundai recently sailed out Eon from the sleeves with 1.0L Kappa engine in Magna+ trim. The all-time stronger Maruti Alto K10 did nothing to batter the turmoil. It has considered itself confident. The competition is now considered in the way as – Datsun GO vs Hyundai Eon 1.0L Kappa engine vs Maruti Alto K10. Let’s have a look what these cars had to say when they appear for the specification comparison on paper.


In terms of pricing, the Nissan’s Datsun seems to have won the trophy here with a starting price of Rs 3.12 lakh for GO – the cheapest of all three. Falling second on the list is Maruti Alto K10 which is available for Rs 3.15 lakh in the showroom, a notch above the Nissan low-cost brand. A cut above the all, and slightly more sophisticated, Hyundai Eon failed to attract the eyeballs this time in the competition with the hefty pricing Rs 3.83 lakh for its Magna+ trim.

On the basis of aforementioned prices as per ex-showroom Delhi, these value-for-money cars league is beaten mostly in pricing, and the clear winner on that note emerges the “Datsun GO”.

Datsun Go


The biggest of all the three machines, Datsun here too manages to stand tall with the 1198cc, 3-cylinder engine under its hoods. The power to the rest of two (Eon and Alto K10) comes from a tie-making 998cc, 3-cylinder engine.

On the flipside, power numbers had altogether a different story to tell. Alto k10 is chucked down by a single horsepower at 68hp @ 6200rpm, where Hyundai Eon 1.0L slickly managed to drive on the first place with 69hp @ 6200rpm. Owing an advantage to a bigger displacement, the Datsun kept revving its 68hp at a lower than the rest 5000rpm.

On a personal note, the Datsun GO was quite impressive than the rest, and as said above the bigger displacement – it quintals up a better top speed better than the rivals without throwing away confidence out of the stock.


Maybe, one would have guessed from the images of all three cars, Datsun emerges the clear winner with lengthiest at 3785mm of overall length. Based on the Nissan hatchback Micra, GO enjoys dimensional benefit in the segment. Alto K10 comes second in the category with noteworthy length of 3620mm; and last but not the least Eon 1.0L falls tremendously shorter at 3515mm.

On the breadth, Datsun GO still surged heads up with the 1635mm. And after being the shortest in length, Eon fledges 1500mm width envying the Alto which has shortest of all 1475mm breadth.

Maruti Alto K10

Height, 1510mm for Hyundai Eon 1.0L, the second number goes to Datsun GO with 1485mm, and thirdly the Alto K10 concludes the deal at 1460mm.

Bigger boot space, the car with bigger length almost takes on this benefit, and without exception, the Datsun marked the new limit with 265L of boot space for the segment. Laid back by accurately 50L the Eon made a statement – it is still a strong contender in the list with 215L of boot. The third, Alto, is almost 150L shorter the leader of this competition, standing with 117L of boot.


Before reaching a conclusion, Indians car buyers scroll over the features list too, and that’s that last trick off the sleeve which automakers follow strictly to sell their cars. Datsun, as recently joined the fray, it has the latest techs on board which are segment’s first, namely follow-me home headlamps, phone docking station, distance to empty, real time and average mileage display and a digital tachometer.

On the number second, Alto K10 proves its worth with features like power steering, air-con, basic music system and front power windows as standard.

Hyundai Eon 1.0L

Disappointing to us was the Hyundai Eon 1.0L, which is costliest of the lot, but returns the lowest of features. They can be merely named as adjustable steering, keyless entry, internally adjustable rear-view mirrors, audio system with CD and radio. Hence, it was all because of the Eon (1.0L) Kappa engine is launched in Magna trim+ only, it means, the base variant will be exaggeratingly ripped off if launched.


Overall, the Datsun GO had ticked most of the boxes right on first position. In actual a Nissan Micra hatchback under the low cost skin of Datsun, value for money factor remains obsessively more than the rest. Alto K10 and Eon 1.0L fall in the compact car category and follows the trait of their origin. Probably, having a GO sounds like a cost efficient option, and on the top, customers can enjoy the Japanese engineering for an amount lesser than most cars available in market today.

Second in this competition can be named as Maruti Alto K10. Though it may not be having good collection of features and the best of dimensions, but comparatively it fares better than the third arrival Hyundai Eon that doesn’t offers equivalent value to the money asked.

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