Maruti SX4 diesel in India test drive

')">Just yesterday, it was reported in our blog that the Maruti SX4 diesel variant has been launched and viola, today I have got the New Maruti SX4 diesel in India for a test drive. Amn’t I lucky? But then the time alloted wasn’t the usual 1-2 hours and it was just a 15-20 minutes session. Fret? Noways, exclusivity demands that you sacrifice something and as of now, I am content with the test drive of this car. Maruti Suzuki has promised us that they would give us a car later on for a complete review. So as of now, the test drive would do. A Maruti SX4 diesel review would follow later on. Check on Road Price

Visually, the car looks no different than the petrol variant, save for the badge at the sides saying DDIS and the rear proclaiming it to be a Zdi and which means it is the top end version. I wouldn’t waste my time and yours writing about the looks and if you have connotions about the same, you can check out the story that I had covered for the petrol variant. Looks apart, time for the interiors. A quick spin in the interiors reveal that even nothing much has changed from the petrol motor’s interiors. Actually nothing has changed. The instruments panel looks the same. So are the seats, which by the way have the leather upholstery option in the Zdi optional package. A bit hard but then comfortable over long distances as per my previous experience with the SX petrol. Same Maruti Swift bits carried around but then at a second glance, yes the build quality has improved over the petrol variant’s. Panel gaps seem more consistent, the door map pockets don’t bruise one’s fingers. Somehow the climate control unit felt better to look at, in the Maruti SX4 diesel rather than its petrol counterpart. It may be due to thing that out of sight means out of mind. Nevertheless, this car boasts of having one of the better head rooms in its category. Trust me, it is a 6 footer’s words. The leg room was strictly okay and for the middle passenger, it would be a bit of a problem due to the transmission tunnel intrusion working against his or her comfort factor. Boot space is still massive at 504 liters.

Adding a diesel engine and that too for a front engined car would bring in additional pressure on the front suspension bushings and Maruti in a way to counter this have stiffened the suspension bushings and have tinkered around with the springs. To be exact, the new diesel engine Maruti SX4 weighs 55 kgs more than its petrol counterpart. The handling as a result is not as enthusiastic as its petrol counterpart. But Maruti have done well in giving the steering more slack so as to make last minute corrections possible. The Maruti SX4 diesel version is still fun to drive but then asking it to do some high fundoo cornering like its petrol variant would be met with slight protests. Even bigger rubber hasn’t been provided for. I wonder why Maruti with all the time in the world for the Maruti SX4 diesel release couldn’t put in more accessories or even something different in this car other than the diesel engine. Shame on you Maruti Suzuki. The tall muscular look of the car however promised me that I don’t have to slow down for speed breakers or even potholes and the car dispatched it all without even a whimper. The ride though a bit stiff works fine on the Indian roads and the good thing is that the car doesn’t bottom out even when fully loaded.

Now comes the best part of this car and the reason why many readers would be reading this blog. The new Maruti SX4 diesel gets the 1.3 liter DDIS engine derived from Fiat. It has now got a variable geometry turbo charger instead of the fixed one found in the Maruti Swift DDIS. This world acclaimed multijet unit now makes 90 PS of peak power @ 4000 rpm whereas its torque figure reads a good 200 Nm as low as 1750 rpm. As of now, there is only a 5 speed manual transmission option. Seems like Maruti have thrown in all their technological prowess into this car instead of making it cosmetically more alluring (why by the way, is class apart). The transmission is the same one doing duties in the petrol variant of the SX4 but then, it has been given some smoothening treatment via a detent pin attached to the transmission. This detent pin actually removes the rubbery feel of the SX4 petrol’s transmission. It now feels as smooth as say the Volkswagen Vento’s unit. Commendable job I would say.

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Now comes to the real part of driving the car. Extremely responsive are the words that come to my mind when I relieve the experience. If there is one thing that anyone couldn’t have done it better than Maruti, then it is the engine tuning. The car is utter silent at the start and even on the go. Even when you rev it in neutral, you would be hard pressed to hear the sound. Since it is a test drive, I couldn’t time the car’s performance. But then expect it to be in the range of 14-15 seconds. Maybe even lower. I am being told that this car has a top speed in excess of 160 kmph. Impressive. Moreover, the engine is a free revving unit unlike the petrol which takes on a coarse note when revved hard. Speaking technically, the Maruti SX4 diesel is a first of its kind car in the country with it complying to OBD 2 norms. This means that the car has got sensors placed in its heart which check the car for its pollution rate. If it crosses a certain limit, then a warning light on the dashboard would remind you to take the car to a nearest service station and to stop polluting the atmosphere. Innovative. Nothing has changed in the braking department and it still remains a top feature. ABS has been calibrated perfectly unlike the Swift. There is EBD as well. Safety features are also the same as found in the petrol unit and you get twin air bags, side intrusion beams, collapsible steering column and the three point seat belts.

I am sure most of you would be dying to know the fuel efficiency of this car. The Maruti SX4 diesel mileage is claimed to be 21.3 kmpl but expect the car to return figures of 14 kmpl in the city and 19-20 kmpl on the highway. This should be enough to give the competition a proper jittery feeling. Moving onto the Maruti SX4 diesel price, I believe I have already covered it in the news section yesterday. But for the uninitiated, I would repeat it. The Maruti SX4 diesel is offered in three trim levels. Those are the base version Maruti SX4 VDI, the middle Maruti SX4 ZDI and the top of the line Maruti SX4 ZDI with leather upholstery. The price of the Maruti SX4 VDI is Rs 7.7 lakhs, the Maruti SX4 ZDI price is Rs 8.30 lakhs whereas the Maruti SX4 ZDI with leather upholstery is priced at Rs 8.62 lakhs. All these prices are introductory ex-show room prices. If you are a Maruti fan, fan of their widespread service network, travel extensively and want good looks, mileage and also diesel running costs, then the Maruti SX4 diesel makes sense for you. At the same price, you would be able to buy a Honda City top end manual version. But then the City is available only in a petrol option. Think about it.

Maruti SX4 diesel specifications

Engine: 1.3 liter  DOHC 16V 4 Cylinders DDiS
Number of Valves: 16
Bore x Stroke: 69.6 x 82 mm
Piston displacement: 1248cc
Maximum Power: 90PS @ 4000 rpm
Maximun Torque: 200 Nm @ 175 rpm
Transmission: 5 speed Manual
Brakes Front: Ventilated Discs and rear Drums
Wheels: 15” inch Steel wheel for VDi and 16” inch Alloy for Zdi variant
Fuel Tank: 50 Litres
Seating Capacity: 5
Length: 4490 mm
Height: 1550 (VDi), 1560mm (ZDi)
Width: 1735mm
Ground Clearance: 180mm
Wheelbase: 2500 mm
Turning Radius: 5.3m
Weight: 1225Kg(VDi) and 1245 Kg (ZDi)

25 thoughts on “Maruti SX4 diesel in India test drive

  1. not up to mark new improved interiors, nothing has been updated in this diesel version,ground clearance must be 190 mm but it has 180 maruti can compete honda city and other counter part?mileage not good enough? marutu must improve exteriors as well as interiors in diesel sx4 car.with only service net work you can not be number 1.make it good enough in look is wastage of money to buy it without said changes….

    1. I have test driven new SX4 diesel and would say the response is extremely good and suspension is excellent over potholed roads.

      Dr. Sanjeev Gileria: After sales service and wide service network plays an extremely important step in customer satisfaction and I believe Maruti has no match for it, I have been using Maruti cars for last 20 years and I an always delighted by their service. If you are planning to buy car only from looks and finish, I believe there are better cars compared to SX4 … maybe you can try Honda Civic!

  2. i wanna buy a new car
    will sx4 diesel a good deal for me.
    the basic model i.e. SX4-LDI……
    PLZ REPLY……….

    1. If you liked the SX4 diesel, then I would suggest that you buy it. It has got good ground clearance, an eager engine, nice interiors and diesel economy. However buying a diesel implies that you logon many miles on it every month. If not, then the SX4 petrol is also a good option.

  3. To begin with the negative points, the pricing could be 75k less at least and interiors are as new as old! When u buy a car paying 700000 onwards, u expect a better interior. The A panel of the car gives u slight head ache while taking steep turns towards right similar to gasoline version and nothing as a counter measure yet! At lower rpms engine could have tuned for lesser combustion noise!
    Coming to the points discussed in the above forum, 190mm would have done wonders with the high speed breakers but with 180mm there was nothing wrong and suspensions were good! More over with 190mm FE would have gone down. Service I need not comment as everyone knows abt the fact, its really good to find every nook and corner one maruti service center or MASS! VGT turbo gives really good feel when it kicks in and moving from 80 to 150 was really cool! Overall good car minus the above points.. Thanks

  4. Hi,

    I drive around 1000km monthly. Mostly in city (around 70%) and rest on highways. Is petrol SX4 better option or SX4 diesel? Or any other option. my budget is around 9 lacks.

      1. yup u r correct but see one thing that the price of petrol is 73 rs per liter and the vehical gives average of only 12 to 15 and disel cost on 45 rs and gives the average of 20 to 23 so i suggest u too have disel car..

    1. i can suggest u to have a look on fiat linea…it will be better option in this price range.. thankzz

  5. Dear All,

    I bought SX4 VDI on 2nd March. I wants to share my views might be right now you are not with me but after buying this, you read my comment one more time to check what is missing.
    I have two more diesel car(one 2004 model & other 2006 model) of the same segment but diff. manufacture. I don’t want to disclose the name of the manufacturer. And believe me those are still comfortable in term of driving.
    Yes from inside car is spacious or says huge car but interiors are very very cheap quality. If you entering the basement parking of exit from basement parking and slant are ROUND or CURVES then you get visibility problem. Then only your expertise in driving helps you. Shape of the body is very good. Ground clearance is very good. But at the time of reverse show ur expertise with more confident. Yes, a suspension in SX4 is good.

    I drive approx 3500 km. In city average is 14-15 kmph and on highway its 16 kmph. is very less than company claims. My maximum drive is long drive on highway and speed is not more than 100.

    Along with that I visit 5 times at APRA Workshop (Maruti Auth.)in last 2 months with same problem. Their is a noice just like whistle as I increase the speed. They also recognise and tring to get rid of this noice. They change vacume pipe also but noice is still their. Now today they told me that is the normal noice with other cars also.

    I had great expectation from this compact sedan, but it’s not worth to spent 8.5 lakhs (in Haryana). It disappoints me. Yes I know Maruti is the best automotive deal in Indian but in small cars only.

    Neeraj Yadav 9899277749

    1. dear neeraj: wrong, they are not best in small cars also. i bought Astar, it is vibrating like a auto. though they are not able to rectify the same.

  6. I had purchased SX4 diesel VDI as soon it is launched and drove 5800 KMs now. For me it is quite good. Interiors could be more furnished but engine, suspension and body etc. are super and its pick up is amazing. I drove verna, I – 20, Fiat linea except GM Cruize, but this car is very responsive and fuel efficiency on highways 19- 20 and in city 14-15. Good product of Maruti with superior technological edge over others. Yes, there is some visibility problem while taking turnings, but with bigger cars it cannot be avoided.

  7. I am looking for a diesel car now after driving Honda city petrol for more than 3 years. My daily run is around 60-70 km . I have shortlised three cars- SX4 / Fiat Linea and Volkswagon vento- Which is the best among these three considering technology/driving comfort/aftersales servce/mileage and cost. What about tata Manza Elan diesel ?

    1. If comfort is high in your list of priorities, then, go for the Tata Manza diesel as none of the cars here have the same comfort as the Tata. However overall, its the SX4 diesel which comes out trumps regarding the aftersales and overall cost of the car.

    2. i can suggest u to have sx 4 disel coz this has very low mantaance and one more thing…if suppose ur car has some problem or u want to purchase any part of sx4 it will cost less and u will get it any where but in case of linea and vento u need to spare more money and u need too gooo to specific dealer…so i prefer SX4 disel…

  8. I just drove SX4 ZDi (diesel), i was using ford fiesta till now. when i compare with Fiesta Vs SX4, my 4 year old Fiesta is giving better feel than the new SX4 ZDi. 1300CC 90 PS Diesel engine is not giving the instant power , but a 1400 CC 68 PS Fiesta TDCI engine is delivering more power and pleasure. Its forcing me to buy the fiesta Again as the ost of car also the factor ( Aroung 8.2 L in Hyderabad). Pls share your views

    1. Yes, the Fiesta’s engine feels responsive as compared with the SX4 but then this responsiveness is limited to the city and out on the highway, the SX4 dominates.

  9. I am planning to Buy SX4 ZDI and Hyudai Verna Disel .I am going to buy for first time. Can you please suggest me, which one is good for me on price , look ,features and millage , service….

  10. My personnal suggestion, don’t go with SX4 diesel models. Not worth to buy MARUTI SUZUKI in this price. I am sure many areas will be improve in near future by MARUTI SUZUKI in these model.

    Warm Rgds

  11. I am planning to Buy SX4 ZDI or Hyudai Verna Disel or Honda City. Can you please suggest me, which one is good for me on price (less than 10L) , look ,features and millage , service….

  12. I travel apprx 80 kms a day and have a hatchback petrol car. I am looking to upgrade my car to 3 box diesel variant. Since the past 1 month, I tried few cars like Vento, Verna, SX4, Etios, Verito etc. My view is Etios……no power, Verito….comfortable driving but Mahindra!!…..Verna….has a long waiting period (4 months) though car looks good…..SX4….looks like the only option left plus tried and tested brand…..even if I get the same mileage of around 18 – 20 kms, I’ll be happy. Comments pls!!!

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