3rd Gen Bentley Continental and 2016 Porsche Panamera expected to utilize common platform

The 3rd generation Bentley Continental along with 2016 Porsche Panamera are expected to make use of common stage.

A report hints that both vehicles will make use of a custom edition of parent firm Volkswagen’s modular standard platform (MSB) stage that is presently being formulated by Porsche.

The MSB when put in manufacturing stage, will be standard platform for all front – engined, back wheel drive vehicles below the Volkswagen umbrella.

The report proposes that both vehicles will boast their drive trains set up near to the front bulkhead in an attempt to perk up stability at higher paces.

Bentley Continental
The platform is likely to make use of an intense blend of high potency steel and aluminium in order to get rid of weight from the vehicles.

But, the complete design of the vehicles is likely to continue due to it (the design) providing a low centre of gravity.

Both vehicles are expected to take advantage of the hybrid technology being formulated by Volkswagen in some shape or other.

Porsche Panamera

This implies smaller or turbo charged engines coupled to one or more electric motors.

It is expected that Volkswagen wishes to lessen the number of stages in order to slash costs in addition to make its facilities multi-functional- fabricate numerous brands under pinned by the identical podium from one facility itself.

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