Tata Indica Vista D90 vs Hyundai i20 CRDi Asta vs Fiat Punto 90HP

Indian market is flooded with lots of diesel bonks and if one really steps out in the then he may be find the lucrative options on those jags where, it is now the famous cashing point of industry which was basically the dull marked stand in the era of recent years. As of now, the hatchback segment had received their favorite in diesel and that too in a powerful version something near to 90bhp, making an ideal car for a family of four to stroll in the city and sometimes even taken to weekend gateways also. There lies a bit of complication here, where one chooses no chauffeur for driving these small siblings and most probably they prefer to be self-driven only. So it was a tough task for the carmakers to make out things in way where the family of four gets a suitable product in the very sophisticated covering and inclusive of almost all the comfortable driving features, keeping tabs on the fuel meter as well, and all reclining to practicality. On whole powerful diesel hatchback was a complete new package where the India was crucially standing and asking if there is something for us in the prescribed band, as most of the audience are office goers too. Yet the answer to their questions can be named in terms of Tata Indica Vista D90, Hyundai i20 1.4 CRDi and Fiat Punto 90HP. All of the trios costs near to Rs. 8 lakh tagging, we just have to see whether they do justice with their price tag or not, well we have found out and have mentioned in the stanzas below.

Design and engineering:

Extra bucks means a more sporty looks, it is what considered by the Indians and that seems to be true where Swift had taken all the brownies in blow of only this spark itself. Here in the playground, Punto has all the streaks of Italian being written all over it, a good snub nose, twizzed outlook, a very distinct front grille, and such makes it to score above the rest. Punto seems to be the perfect value for money if one goes behind those smoky tail lamps as well. The stealth, beauty, exteriors craftsmanship, a very beautifully carved structure and many other factors make the best bet ever form Fiat.

Tata Indica Vista D90

Hyundai facelift is the moderate than three of them, with sweptback headlamps, a more sleek nose, fluidic lines flowing all over it, very importantly the practicality of its aerodynamics, glamorous appearance, stylish body kit and all makes this one a worth buying product on Indian shores, where boxy design have taken a back seat, not even peeping at all, making to look more futuristic than the rest.

Hyundai i20

Below of them stands Tata Indica Vista D90, it has traditional looks, yet the same ongoing stance, and more importantly the tall boy fable with ample of exclusive interior space inside, that’s what Tata is all famous for. It is very efficiently priced and if one sees in the efficient way then Tata springs brightly on every of them.

Fiat Punto 90HP

All of the trios have something special and spicy as well, which we can taste differently over the platter, as per their price tags also. One have the space, while other one is bestowed with looks, and the next one maybe doing on its famous tradition and all. On styling trios scores equal pints and does depend on the money which a customer is willing to shell out. Again to remind, their national traditions are clearly seen on their appearance, as differing themselves on the looks solely for that basis only.


Interiors will not have the win-win equation for anyone of them but the practicality is what which they stand frugal for the segment. Tata Indica this time is bestowed with the taste of bit plushness rather than going down the line in its previous generation. A good dashboard, improved finishing, and plastic quality is the thing to be talked about inside of the Indian moniker, but when our things move towards the negative assortment, the power window switch, ergonomics of driver seat: namely pedal position, figures on speed dials door pockets and other takes us on the backseat for giving it brownie points.

Tata Indica Vista D90 Interiors

Very adjacently ranked Fiat Punto, is dipped smashingly in the Italian accent but we think Fiat has to do a re-inspection on interiors, being an international brand the quality doesn’t matches our expectations. The ergonomics for driving position is looking like an un-thought affair. The combination of steering placement and pedal does not laid comfort in any of the position or height, inclusive of no thigh support at all.

Hyundai i20 Interiors

The Hyundai i20 had taken both of them in its simple and sophisticated stride giving us a big blink of reading on instrument cluster, and moreover crispy buttons, dashboard, doorpads makes “i” inclining in the right direction. Legroom at rear seats is not sufficient for the adults but we think kids may find cool enjoying inches alone there in the back.

Fiat Punto 90HP Interiors

Tata is very much famous for the space in its car and Indica looks not an exception. With amply of spaces on the backseat, heighted people will all not face any issues, making a comfortable seating arrangement for the three passengers. Disappointingly, the trade-offs for acres on the back is barged against boot space in Vista that we think is good to make the deal appropriate moneywise, and moreover most of the families does not mind in compromising on that, which was scheduled to make city rides most probably rather than a tour.

Engine, Gearbox, and Performance as well:

Talking about engines, Indica and Punto owns a Fiat sourced 1.3L Multijet diesel, wobbling out similarly 89 bhp and 20.4 kgm of torque, and more or less similar gear ratios as well. Both of them actually start performing post 2500 RPM. Factually, the differentiation starts peeping in through the gear shifts. Vista needs the fourth gear before gulping plight of 100 kmph whereas Punto is yelling out a bit more speed in each of the gears due to its beefed up wheels measurement. Dabbing the accelerator to gain fastest hundred, Indica crosses the mark quicker than the Fiat badge, claiming its title at 13.9 seconds, complete two seconds lesser than the Punto. We think Fiat needs to work out on this one too, because having such a bad result in its homemade powerplant doesn’t goes well down in the competition.

Hyundai plays a different league on this ground, fed with a 1.4L jag it does smooth sailing even at 5100 RPM. Coming even down to the pick of 2100 RPM its six speed gearbox helps it to gain hundred easily. The time frame from reaching 0-100 kmph is 12.8 seconds, Hyundai is more refined and silent while touching even the redline on instant hit.

Ride and Handling:

Ride and handling has given us a mixed response, Tata Vista strokes very swiftly on the smooth surfaces, with revised suspension settings, and other such technical tweaks, had made it winning on the trios, but disappointingly it will not grasp the assortment of potholes on our roads. Taking even the Hyundai for same, its softer suspension leaves you aspiring for the better ones at higher revs. The fluidic design which is sloppy on all the curves makes it the most unsafe label for taking top notches under sleeve.

Tata Indica Vista D90

Hopefully, Fiat Punto is the winner amongst all of them, with the compressed yet front leaning ergonomics on outer it has splurged the weight in right direction that this sort of vehicle is needed for.  The big bumps and many more of the instability passes Punto very easily, without making a jerk on the passenger’s front. Steering wheel of Punto is also something to talk about here, its accuracy, and quickness makes it to dive in the corners very easily, whereas the Vista emerges winner in this strata. The stiff setting and hydraulic pumping behind its driving rims makes the impressive drive possible, feels more powerful than before Indica. Hyundai i20 is good for the city clutters, with soft and light clutch, light steering, being assimilated with the super refined engine, gives it a tendency to eat up as much twizzed miles as possible.

Hyundai i20


Fiat Punto 90HP

Among all of the three, Punto is the assorted Italian piece of metal, but that doesn’t seems to be fulfilling the power to core, except some powerful notches written on the paper and is not felt in actual. The value for money factor is on the downward plank for it, whereas Tata Indica Vista comeback is the improved and an enhanced one. Making the best choice if asking value for money, it gives you the glow on faces when looked inside of tits and bits, acres of space specifically, yielding the balanced equation from every derivations. Hyundai i20 is the smartest of all but is expensive on the board yet to buy. It appeals in the most lucrative manner, fluidic stances, futuristic looks, comfortable ride in city  and the most fuel efficient amongst all, keeps the purchasing bar open wide for many of us who looks family in every corner being combined with sporty attire in the first marking, just as said in the introduction.

Fuel Sip:

  • Hyundai i20: City – 13.8 kmpl; Highway – 19.5 kmpl
  • Vista D90: City – 13.0 kmpl; Highway – 17.8 kmpl
  • Punto: City – 12.8 kmpl; Highway – 17.6 kmpl

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