Used Tata Nano Review

Tata Nano, the car has always remained in front lines of media since it was launched in 2009. Though, it doesn’t matters whether it is there – the good or the bad reason. But the top line (sales) of Nano hasn’t lifted the mood of Tata Motors’ officials. We are less concerned about what the Nano marketing personnel are thinking, but the used market of Nano has completely floored us. Thanks to the newly launched Nano Twist with power steering, now there are good numbers of used Nano touched the stockyard of a used car dealer.

A survey to a used car dealer sat us on the heap of Nanos, ranging from the models launched in 2009 to the ones that were recently introduced last year. To be precise, the world’s cheapest car lost most of its market share due to the car that gripped fire on roads during the initial days of launch, and couple of incidents in the same cadre has completely tarnished the image of the model plate. PR personnel of Tata shall be praised for the reason they managed to save the grace at the moment, as they took a call of recalling the entire vehicle lot and fitting them with an additional fuse to avoid short circuit, and also a catalytic converter in the electrical system. In the latter years, the engineers gained more confident in the product and started rolling out the various variants and trims of it for penetrating the market sectors deeper.

Used Tata Nano Review

Prior to entering into a detailed discussion, let us brief that the vision of Tata was to bring in the motoring to the masses with a car priced under Rs 1 lakh, but due to unfortunate reasons of the relocation of factory and also those rising steel prices played spoilsport for Indian carmaker. Despite such drawbacks, the engineers (before the launch) re-engineered the product and finally made to attain the badge of the world’s cheapest car. Here in India, that calculation of being the cheapest car doesn’t worked out during the launch, but now after certain years it seems to be working so, because the small car of Tata can be bought for as low as Rs 75,000 (depending upon the availability and condition of car) at a ‘used car dealer’. Mentioned below are some of the details we collected after our visit to a pre-owned car dealer in Mumbai.

The Nano was of 2010 make, and was asking for Rs 85,000 tag, which was negotiable. We learnt that, the asked price was quite high from the market price, but when looked into its paperwork then understood why the seller was so deliberate with regards of asking a meaty tag. Its insurance was valid upto March 2015, means a saving of approx Rs 3,000 – 4,000, and the owner was having the entire service history, means it was trustable to make a buy because of it being lidded off only in the trained hands. To our luck, the model was of the 2010 make but was produced after the month of January, so out there who are referring to buy the Nano of 2009 and the Jan 2010 shall make clear that the starter motor has been replaced in the recall made by the carmaker. Being used over the years, the Tata Nano is also reported of giving out the problems like headlight stalks malfunctioning, and the not so breezing AC blowers.

Tata Nano Interiors

The former one may be replaced for a lower cost, while the latter one is sure to cost you hefty. The leaking evaporator coil of Nano is priced at Rs 3928. Other major issue that comes into light is the cars’ battery. Nano uses a unique battery – 25Ah, smaller than the other hatchbacks and compact cars. As the size is small it gets drained out usually earlier than stated, because of the aftermarket additions like music system and else; so if wanted to enjoy the music in Nano will cost Rs 3,000 for the battery replacement. Nano sports two different types of tyres – thin on front and wider on rear. They run for a good number of kilometers, but the cars in used market mostly are in the need of replacement, one of it costs Rs 2,200. Tata Motors offers 4 years/60,000kms warranty on Nano. Probably, most of the cars out there will be under warranty, but the one we reviewed was exclusive of it, because it has ended the tenure. Other parts that needed replacement aren’t too costly either. An air-filter costs Rs 165, while an oil-filter costs a mere Rs 87. The other accidental parts like front bumper rip off Rs 1,298 from the wallet, whereas the headlight assembly needs a blissful Rs 1,357 for the replacement. Even the major of technicalities i.e. the clutch plate is taxed at Rs 977 in the bill, which is then complemented by the clutch release bearing for an additional Rs 353.

Hope so, maintaining the Tata Nano is quite cost-efficient than the other cars, but driving it isn’t yet. Yes, that’s in the time when all of us are addicted to steer the wheel with quite ease due to power steering, the world’s cheapest car still comes without it, an exception made to the Nano Twist that the brand has launched recently. It means, parking may take the last beat of arm’s muscle to squeeze it in the right spot, but comparatively that same technicality on high speeds gives in confident. Cruising in the city is feels uber cool as you can dart in the corners without aggressive efforts.

Used Tata Nano

There are speed limits to the car which we feel better shall not be crossed. Though the other journalist says, its max is 106kmph and that’s true even, but who wanted to drive safe shall not exceed the 80-90kmph bar. Overall, Tata Nano is one of the best cars available in the market, for a price tag of as low as a motorcycle. We believe, the youths are the Nano’s major target buying group in the new car segment, because of ads and TVCs reclined towards that way. We say, the used Nano too can adore the youths who are looking forward to buy their first motorcycle. The only problem is (referring to the youth and when compared) fuel-efficiency rates at near to 15kmpl in the city and a shade more than 20kmpl in highway (which are subjected to differ depending upon the driving style and cars’ condition). Overall, our rating for buying the used Tata Nano was more than the average, a cool 7 out of 10 you can say.

Technical Specifications of Tata Nano:

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Used Tata Nano

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Tata Nano

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