3 Hot Hatches to Buy in Used Segment: Part 2

We had already mentioned top 3 of hatchback segment and now it is the time to reveal remaining part of it which also tends to be an important buy in our “used” fraternity. Sometimes people avoid buying pre owned metal but the fact is, nowadays one can get a good amount of features in a used car on a comparison with newbie. To an outcome of this, we can see biggies diving their nose into this business, even names like BMW and Merc dealerships too can be witnessed in the pre-owned market. To make a mark over here, such guys also don’t shy from advertising this section even in newspapers and other spaces. But to an exception, while buying one should consider such genuine typos only! Because they follow certain standards during the evaluation of pre-owned vehicle, which we can say is the best part of “second hand industry”, and was lacking since quite long; while to be more specific, from the time when automotive industry evolved in our country. Though sometimes, they may be charging higher prices than the locals but it is worth it, that’s because, a “peace of mind” also comes along with those additional pieces of tagging in form of frees services, easy loans etc.

Listed below are the next three suggested hatches being in continuation to our previous part:

1. Chevrolet Spark:

Chevrolet Spark is the only international model plate that managed to make on our list. However, at the time of roll out it was famous for its ‘three years warranty’ but now all those freebies would be used up the first owner itself. Spark had ignited the hatch segment very well and so it is reaping those sorts of fruitful gains now. Being a little bit upmarket, one may have to shell out some heavy bonks for this one, unlike to those of Maruti and Tata offerings at a cheap costing band. Spark does possess a much efficient engine without excluding refinement. And on another point, overall aerodynamics gives it a swift cruising performance helping to make a perfect choice for tad city rides. The makes ranging between years 2005-07 is a smart clue to drive home the spark of happiness. Spark would definitely fit perfect to the family of four, a couple and their two kids.

Chevrolet Spark

Meanwhile, the golden cross on bonnet inclines a tie-bow looks, adding sophistication just like that of some Ultra Niche American metals.

2. Maruti Alto:

As we all know, Alto is the replacement of Maruti 800, henceforth our expectations should also remain same from that of the previous-generation offering, nothing exceptionally more from it. Alto stands frugal on the rigidity part and also does offer more space inside. Beginners can have a good start from this point of line if they did not wish to own some “tin cans” from good old past. To technicalities, engine falls easy on the cluster of refinement and efficiency. In fact, one can service it on any of the point, as the repair bills don’t come barging on our pockets. Being more specific on the badging, Maruti stands for all the convenience at cost-effective path and yet also yields great resale value on other side of the flip. Alto can be safely termed as a “win-win” equation; after all it really pins neatly on the veins of true Indian Junta, very likely to its whole family in spite of being Korean to an extent. 2003-06 remains a cool derivation for the budget and hopefully meets all requirement of time being landed even with a small-tight pack of cash.

Maruti Alto

3. Maruti Zen Estilo:

We had already mentioned Zen in our previous part but there lies a reason for this model plate to be appearing again on our list. The previous one was given for the tight budgeted purchase, and if one has a more free hand to move then Estilo marks almost near to the perfect conclusion for buyers. It suits everyone ranging from a college going boy to the 40+ aunts, and office going dads may also not shy from carrying this piece of metal to their workplace. It has a tall boy looks with ample of space inside. On other part, driving technicalities are also updated to core with nice sort of cornering and parking blues. Just being left out of words, Estilo stands in a lot at the pre-owned dealerships where there flings a chance of getting great bargains inclusive of ample accessories. As per to our reach, most of it is ridden by lady doctors and other such professionals, if one may get this type of offering then an extra “budgeting” would not remain on the dwindling arena. Look for the 2006-08 make to splurge on the exciting roost.

Maruti Zen Estilo

Lastly, all the Maruti makes were used to be available in abundance with second hand car dealers but hopefully from the recent past as were are updated, it had started fleeing in the ultimate swift flow, all thanks to rising petrol prices and as well as maintenance or service cost.

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